Thornabys Aviation History featuring RAF Thornaby

608 Spitfire Mk 22s during their annual inspection by the AOC of Reserve Command (Air Officer Commanding) believed to be either RAF Manston, Kent, or RAF Thorney Island in Hampshire. Note different coloured propellor spinner to denote 608 flights, A, B or C; Red, Yellow and Blue. Photograph courtesy of David E Thompson

4 thoughts on “Thornabys Aviation History featuring RAF Thornaby

  1. I was in the ATC about 1954 and won a flight in a T7 Meteor for selling most raffle tickets at the Battle of Britain display.
    I can’t recall the names of any other cadets of the time nor the plot of the T7 but I enjoyed my time in the ATC and went on to an equally satisfying career in civil aviation. Happy Days.


  2. I”m not sure when the aerodrome at Thornaby closed but that is where the new Thornaby Town Centre and modern housing estate was built in the late 60″s. I use to work as a typist at the new NEEB offices built next door to the shopping centre. I havn”t been back there since I left in 1969. Is there anybody out there who used to work there then. I”ve got a photo of some of the typist from the typist pool taken just before I left.


  3. Aerodrome – School boy geography, telling the difference between an Airport, an Airfield or an Aerodrome, not that it did me any good as they are all called Airports now, the ones that matter to the general populous. I remember when very young in short pants going to the Aerodrome at Thornaby to see the air show, big gathering, a lot of people, lots of aeroplanes and very noisy. Seeing displays that today would give the Health and Safety Officer a heart attack, planes flying just feet above the crowd and firing a gun out of a side door to blow up a mock house set up on the field, very frightening no matter what pants you were in. The event going on in to the night on the ground, not only beer tents but dance tents and a big band playing with the usual girl singer. Roy.


  4. I was 14 years old in the ATC when I flew in a T7 Meteor with the Officer commanding Wg Com Sewell RAF Thornaby The aircraft was part of 608 SQN could anyone tell me any information about the OC at that time thank you Alan Meadows. PS I am now 70 years old


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