3 thoughts on “Thornabys Aviation History featuring RAF Thornaby

  1. In 1958 I was posted to 92 Squadron, based at Middleton St George, but operating out of Thornaby while runway lengthening was on at MSG. Some time in 1960 (?) a visiting senior officer landed a Javelin at Thornaby, mistaking it for MSG. Realising his mistake he turned round, took off, and landed at MSG,a very embarrased pilot.


  2. There were a number of 47 Squadron “Hastings” aircraft on this flight to Malta, but some of the ground-crew and spare air-crew plus Ian Hindmarsh of the “Gazette” flew in a chartered “Hermes” of “Brittania Airways”, with full stewardess service, which include a salad or hot meal and a peach-melba fruit sweet whilst sitting in comfortable adjustable padded seats. The poor “bods” in the Hastings in their canvas and metal seats (facing backwards) had to dine on tea from a heated urn and corned-beef/cheese sandwiches and Newbould -Pies. Unfortunatley it was “Hastings” for all on the way back.


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