7 thoughts on “St. Johns School Infants 1951

  1. Having thought about this photo, can I challenge the date? I was born in December 1947 and don”t think I would have been at school in 1951. I don”t have anyone I can confirm this with, but perhaps the year was 1952? Pat, hello, yes of course I remember Bert Beard (via my dad)and I”ve found the bus and added my comments there too. It”s great to make contact, we baby boomers get everywhere…


  2. Eric – of course I remember now who you are – you played with the Bluecaps, Dad used to talk about your musical abilities! Didn”t they play at the Hartburn Tennis Club Dances on Saturday nights – my husband used to help organise them. Then, years later, your son Bruce, and my youngest son Neil, were pals at school, and even shared a flat in London. Neil is a Canadian citizen now, lives in Toronto with his wife and baby daughter.


  3. Hi Paul and Pat. I too remember Bert and Ron. When I left school my first “proper job” was working in the lost property department in Bridge Road. W.C.W soon got rid of me when he found out I was playing in a beat group until the early hours almost every night.


  4. Paul Butler – are you the son of Ronnie who was a bus driver – you had a sister Susan and lived I think in Sydney Street, off Nelson Terrace? If you are, my Dad, Bert Beard, was your Dad”s conductor and good friend. We lived at Roseworth and I also attended St John”s, think I was the year above you though, but I do remember some of the names, especially Karen Nash, who had beautiful curly hair which I envied, having to have mine put in “rags” every Saturday night so it was curly for Sunday! If you look on the site for Stockton Transport bus depot in Bridge Road, I wrote something there a few weeks ago about my Dad.


  5. Well Eric, first we make contact via the music of the sixties and now it”s school days!! I”m the pixie/elf on the front row, left of centre (the non-shiney suit). To add to coincidences, my wife, Dorothy, met Karen Nash (sister of Janice) last Saturday (Nov 1st) at Judges near Yarm, when at a re-union tea with some of her friends from Richard Hind School. The world just keeps getting smaller…


  6. Mrs Atkinson is the teacher and I recognise one or two old Ragworth lads and lasses. Keith Jones, Peter Bethel, Peter Butterworth, Alex Livingstone, Eric Whitehouse (the cowboy), Janice Nash, Linda Brownlee to name a few.


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