Thornabys Aviation History featuring RAF Thornaby

RAF Thornaby main gate on Thornaby Road. The wooden hut was the guardroom. When the airfield was sold an auction of moveable items was sold and a farmer from Northallerton bought it. He had spent a lot of his National Service in it! Photograph courtesy of David E Thompson

4 thoughts on “Thornabys Aviation History featuring RAF Thornaby

  1. Does anyone know any of the names of the men who worked on the decoy airfields at Middleton St George (Goosepool)in 1941/2. They were billeted in Northallerton and Great Smeaton.


    • My maternal Grandfather William (Bill) Mothersill from Thornaby, was a General Foreman for Wimpeys and he was involved in airfield construction throughout the Tees/North Yorkshire area including Goosepool. By coincidence his son Arthur Mothersill and my Dad (Ken Crossley) were stationed at Driffield and were drafted in as part of the first RAF men stationed at Goosepool & thus I came on the scene, though a bit later). Grandad who was a Shipwright to trade then ended up at Thornaby building ‘Mulberry’ sections.


  2. The Oddfellows pub stands opposite these gates, the landlord used to be Herbert Storr. His son Frank, born 1944/5 went to Richard Hind and played football with my husband Dave. Frank is my second cousin and if you are out there Frank, I have done a Storr family tree going back to the 18th century and recently was given a photo of your Grandfather James Blackstone Storr taken in 1920 when he was 34 in either Compton or Craister Street Tilery.


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