Bailey Street Junior School 1956

t10256This photograph was taken of a class in Bailey Street Junior School during their production of Snow White. They were probably in Junior 2 around 1956, as the boys and girls were separated after Junior 1.

Courtesy of Dorothy Butler.

7 thoughts on “Bailey Street Junior School 1956

  1. Well Hello Ann Pickering, apologies for getting your name wrong, it was a long time ago. Nice to get another comment on the photograph. The Picture Stockton team passed on my email address to Pat and we have been in touch via emails. Pat lives down south now. Ask the site for my email address if you would like to get in touch. There is very little on Bailey Street School on the site, especially views of the school itself.


  2. Well what a surprise, I have waited nearly 2 years for someone to recognise themselves in the photo. Nice to see it is you Pat, I had a happy time at Bailey Street until I left for Richard Hind, ask the Picture Stockton Team for my email address, I would love to get in touch.


  3. The girls in the photograph are Joyce Thomas (sitting) Denise Baxter (snow white) myself (the Queen), the others are Elsie Walker, Rosilynd Hope, Jean Hardy, Glenys Trouvey, Pat York, Ireen Appleyard, Ann Carson. Where are they all now?


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