Hardwick Secondary Modern School

This photograph shows children of Hardwick secondary modern school on prize day in the mid 60’s. It was taken outside the original building, which later became the girls school and, when the school changed to ’Sheraton Comprehensive’ in 1973, became the lower school. Courtesy of Peter Jordison.

37 thoughts on “Hardwick Secondary Modern School

  1. Peter
    There was another family close by also called Blackburn. There was a girl called Sandra the same age as me and a lad called Trevor. He would be a little younger but no relation to me.

  2. Peter, I’m not sure if it was 1973 or 1974 that I left. The school was new and just opened when I entred 1st year and stayed on for the 5th year which at that time wasn’t compulsory.

  3. I attended Hardwick secondary modern from 1969 to 1973, I agree with a lot of the comments from other people about the teachers. I think how you remember them is dependant on how you had been treated. To me Mr White was Ok, a little aloof but the deputy head Mr Brown was great always had stories to tell. After a few years you had heard them all before. My view of Mr Lawson was coloured by a bad experience, I remember him as a bully. The stars for me were Mr Longstaff (woodwork), Mr Buckle (metalwork) and Mr Shaw (Art) they treated me well. I also remember Mr Malony the history teacher, he was good and held my intrest. Times were very different then and it could be a rough place, some of the teachers didn’t mind dishing it out to maintain order. Was it a good way to maintain order? Depends on your point of view.

    • Alan, I also remember all the teachers you mention and Mr Lawson was a bully but when we reached the age of 13 or so he seemed to leave us alone and concentrate on the younger ones, would’nt you have left in 1974 along with the rest of us that started in 1969 ?

      • Great teachers included Mr. Brown, Mr. Cotter, Mr. Shaw, Sid Wadell, Mr. Angus and, the occasionally terrifying Bopper West.

    • Mr Lawson was a bully, he stepped on my brothers hand and my older brother went to see him he ran out of the school, as all bullies he picked on those who he thought would not be a threat.

      Mr Buckle was my Cousin

    • Lawson, Dodds, Foster, Burnett, Shaw, Loather, West and Mr P.E.J West. Mr White made me stand outside his office for the best part of a year, with no lessons once, so I don’t hold him in such high esteem as some of you on here, sorry. Saying that some of the teachers were great, as were lots of the pupils.

      • Well long time no speak Malcolm Allenden, its Titchy Taylor, we had a blast at school… of cause we got the cane nearly every day for oggie raiding, me you peter, and don’t forget Alan Dixson.

        • What a name from the past “Titchy Taylor”. Remember me mate Alan Maidman?
          We went to school together at Bailey St and Hardwick, I moved to Australia in 1965. I’ve been back to Stockton a few times in recent years and met up with Tommy Puggmurr and Geoff Wright.
          It’d be great to have a pint or two on my next trip mate..

  4. This brings back a few memories. Gosh the main thing I remember from this school, is winning the school football league in our last year of school. Playing, Sunday league football is also a fond memory for a team which was run by Anthony Sedgwick. Those where the days…

  5. I have just come across this piece once again and on reading one comment I have to agree that the school opened in the September of 1963 I remember this because those of us who left school in the July of that year who wanted to stay on(we did not have jobs) moved up there from Bailey Street and other schools in the borough which had been closed. I think I stayed for the first term at which time I had found a job so I left.

  6. The Riots started because we got an headmaster from Roseworth. The school went on Strike and the Police came. It was my first year at the school…

  7. Susan Steyn (nee Klimitis) did you live on Piperknowle Road, the new section? I remember your family, your sister Linda and even your dog Chico! I lived in the end house next to the school and then there was Waites/Hamilton/Your family/Crooks/Docherty/Duncan/not sure about the opposite end house and then the Stokelds (think that’s how you spell their name). Quite a few of us kids used to play out ‘the back’. Happy days!

    • Well I never, Judith Vettas. My dad thought you were the nicest kid he had ever met! I am in South Africa now and my sister Linda is coming here for Christmas this year 2012. Do you remember that riot at the school?

    • I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch, my email address is available through the Picture Stockton site. PS-You wrote this comment on my birthday! How cool is that :-)

  8. I left in 1972 and we HAD to wear school uniform, it was a yellow shirt, drk blue skirt and the tie was dark blue with a yellow stripe. My mom worked in the kitchens in the boys school. I remember there was some type of strike by the pupils, I also remember all the pupils outside singing ‘we shall not be moved’ can’t remember why though.

  9. Steve- This photo is the original school which (I think )opened in 1963 as a mixed school, the boys school opened in september 1967 and the original school became the girls school. As you probably remember the schools reverted to mixed again in september 1973 when the school changed its name to Sheraton Comprehensive when the boys school became upper and the girls school lower. I also cannot remember anyone wearing uniform in our time there (maybe the odd tie) which I seem to remember was light blue with orange and red stripes, this was also the official tie of Harrowgate and (I think) Hardwick junior schools. I have no idea why the uniform was abolished maybe someone can help us with that one?

  10. When I left Harrowgate junior school to attend Hardwick Secondary modern senior school in 1967, the new scool was just opening and we were the first in. The two schools were then turned single sex apart from a small group of boys who were classed as GCE stream. The boys school studied up to CSE level. Yes Steve is quite right, school uniforms were almost non- existent when I was there from 1967 to 1972.

  11. I know Peter as ever will be able to answer your questions, my contributions are: I started there in 1967, I think it was the first year as separate boys and girls schools. My big brother Mike left in 1965 and it was mixed then. In 1967 there were no school uniforms for boys. The tie looks quite similar to Hardwick Junior School.

    • Hi Peter, my name is Alan Maidman, I went to school with your brother Mike.
      I don’t know if he’ll remember me, I lived in Dawdon Close and emigrated with my family to Australia in 1965. If you could pass on my regards to him I’d love to catch up with Mike and find out how he’s doing.

  12. The above photograph brings up a few questions. When was Hardwick Secondary Modern opened? When did it change to single sex for each block ? Also, in the picture the pupils are wearing school uniform, which is something that never happened in my day. When and why did pupils stop wearing school uniform. I know that it was reintroduced around 1973/74 (but at that time only to the first year, I think). In addition the school tie seems different to what I remember. Peter, I’m relying on you for some answers :)

  13. Luke White, the Head Teacher at Hardwick Sec Mod is far right in this photograph and he was formerly my Head Teacher at Mill Lane Boys’ School. Mr White was one of the finest persons I’ve ever met and I can’t speak more highly of him as both tutor and for the quality of his management skills regarding both staff and pupils.

  14. The girl stood in between two boys [partly hidden] in the front row is Jeanette Mclone, who lived in Inskip Walk at the time this photo wes taken.

  15. This photo was given to me by another Hardwick sec old boy, Jeff cooke, who can name Headmaster Luke White as well as Paul Goodwin and Angela McHale amongst the pupils in the pic.

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