3 thoughts on “Frederick Nattrass School

  1. Thanking you H Blenkinsop for the missing identities, it almost fills in the missing people with the exception of the girl between Jennie Batty and Doreen Duffy. Would you know her name? I still can’t place the name of Della Abel, The reason I say this is because when registration was read out on a morning it always started with Arthur Blenkey because of alphabetical order. Where did she live? The reason for Mr Brown being in the photo is that his class (2nd top) had their group taken before this and our teacher Miss Dowse was too camera shy to participate.


  2. Names as follow:- B/row; Owen Payne, Brian Robson, Bob McConnell, Bob Irwin, Frank Mills, Alan Graham, Terry Turner. 2nd B/row; Arthur Jennings, Ken Raynor, Valerie Suddick, Margaret Shepherd, -?-, Margaret Douglas, Ann Reeves, Arthur Blenkey, Brian Hobbs. 3rd Row; -?-, Barbara Honeyman, Marion Wray, Helen Kett, Irene Pearson, Maureen Porter, Jennie Batty, -?-, Doreen Duffy, Jean Geddes, -?- (probably twin sister of Irene Pearson). Front row; Peter Atkinson, Peter Moore, Philip Johnson, Michael Mawson, Bob Nicholson, David Clark, Raymond Roberts.


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