Fancy Dress Competition on Paddys Field 1951

t11222This fantastic photograph shows competitors at a fancy dress competition on ”Paddy’s Field” in Portrack, home to Portrack Shamrocks FC. The competition was part of the Portrack & Tilery 1951 Election Campaign. Politician, Mr Chetwind wearing glasses, can be seen at the back of the group. The sign in the background reads ’Death to the old pawn shop since Labour got in’.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ann Cauldwell.

5 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Competition on Paddys Field 1951

  1. My mam, Beatrice George is at the end of the first standing row on the right hand side wearing her paper dress. Would love to be able to get her a copy of this.


  2. I forgot that these fields were also used for growing grain. Mainly barley. I once put some of the barley heads in a thermos flask, and produced a beer-like concoction. Its also worth pointing out that the Rocks field, on which this fancy dress display was held, is now about 2-3 metres underground. The field was buried in 1972, since it tended to flood during the wintertime, when Lustrum Beck overflowed. This work could have been done at any time, but in an effort to stem rising unemployment, which was then at about the 500 thousand level, Mr Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister, made money available to Local Councils for this type of work.


  3. This is a great picture – I found via the Census that my family rented? Dog Hill farm, Portrack , this picture the nearest I,ve come to seeing what Portrack looked like in those days. Thank you for putting it on the site for everyone to see.


  4. This is, truly, a fantastic picture, since it also shows that Portrack was on the edge of Stockton in 1951. For example Holme House farm (?….there were several farmsteads in this area) can be seen in the background, surrounded by fields, which were mainly used for growing potatoes and other root vegetables. In the far distance the steam and smoke from ICI Billingham can be discerned. The thin black line. Just below the farms houses, is a fence bordering the last branch line to be built in Stockton. It ran from the main line, north of the rail depot in Stockton, and then underneath the main road just before Norton Avenue. The line then cut through the Danby Road estate, then across country. After going under Portrack Lane near the old Customs House, it then went round in a curve to enter the ICI sidings on the south east part of the works.


  5. I was born 1947 even though a small child I still remember my mam and dad & other members
    of the family both Caseys and Tippeys taking me in fancy dress to this occasion. Can’t remember what I was dressed as but would love a copy of this photo.


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