Stockton Minor League football medal

In years gone by the winners of a football competition (league or cup) were awarded individual medals that were small enough to fix on the end of your watch chain. This is a silver medal presented to the winners of the Stockton Minor League for season 1910-11. The league was won by a team from Stillington called St John’s. Courtesy of Cliff Thornton.

4 thoughts on “Stockton Minor League football medal

  1. They gave medals like this in the seventies for winning five-a-side football competitions, the Evening Gazette/Cleveland Council Championship which was run at various venues in Cleveland (ie:-Tilery Sports Centre, Thornaby Pavillion, Guisbrough & Hartlepool, with the final played at Thornaby Pavillion. Also the Y.M.C.A. Angus MacDonald Shield.


  2. I am glad that the medal is of interest. It was won by my grandfather Arthur Johnson who played left back for Stillington St John’s. I am grateful to Don Tuffs, author of the book -Stillington Sport 1909 to 1924 – who kindly identified what S.M.L. stood for.


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