8 thoughts on “Co-op bakery girls on holiday

  1. To Phil de Chaumont-Rambert – Thank you for your information regarding John Rayner. I have now had contact from John’s daughter Janet. I will pass on all the information received to my sister Mary. Thank you again.


  2. To John Robson – In answer to your query John Rayner sadly passed away a few years ago. I went to his funeral whch was very well attended. John lived in Grangefield Road right up to his death.

    I am in touch with all three of his children and I will draw their attention to your entry on the Picture Stockton site.


  3. I submitted this photograph with permission from my sister Mary. She is 2nd right at the top of the picture, still living in Stockton now 81 years old. To the relatives of Edie Irish could I please ask for information regarding John Rayner, her husband. The last time my sister spoke with John was around the year 1985. Previous to that she spoke with the late Edie just before her and John moved house to the Grangefield area of Stockton. Edie was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in 1949, I have a group photograph taken on the day. If Edie’s family would like to see that picture, I would be pleased to send it to them via email. I can be contacted via the Picture Stockton team. My sister also knew Emily very well, they often chatted at the Asda supermarket, before my sister retired from there some years ago.


  4. I remember your Mum very well, a lovely lady. Didn’t your Aunty Em work at the Fish Shop on Durham Road (down the bank)too?


  5. I was pleased to see this picture which includes my Mum, Edith (Edie)Irish, second from the left. As my cousin Pauline rightly says, our aunt, Emily Irish, who was my Mum’s sister, also worked at the Co-op Dairy and somwhere I have a photograph of the two of them with the horse and milk float. I would be interested to read the thoughts of anyone who has memories of the Co-op Dairy as it was then.


  6. The lady second from the left is my Auntie, Eddie Irish, who sadly passed away at a very young age. Does any one remember Emily Irish, another Auntie of mine who has since passed away? she worked at the Co-op Dairy for many years when the horses pulled the milk float.


  7. My eldest sister, Mary, is one of the girls in the picture, she was 17 at the time, and has now celebrated her 81st birthday. Beginning on the back row the girls are, Jean Douglas, Edie Irish, Mary Moore, Mary Robson, Mary Speight. Seated are Marion Gowland and Joyce Cromack. My sister Mary and Joyce, lifelong friends, went on to work at the Co-op dairy in the days of the horse pulled milk float. When I was very young and on holiday during the summer months from Bailey Street school, I occasionally went out early morning with my sister on her round. It was quite amazing to watch her horse, Bobby, because at certain properties he would automatically stop. I soon realised it was at those houses my sister would get a daily cup of tea and the horse would receive a few snippets of food.


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