19 thoughts on “Coronation Mug

  1. Ivor yes I can remember now, still not caught up with doing family tree. My dad never knew much about his family on his dads side due to some falling out years ago and only found Mavis by chance in the 1970s. As you will know my dad is no longer with us, nor his two brothers, but his sister is still with us and has one son called Ivor. Hope you are all well, hope to see you all sometime soon and if Ian would like to know more about this side of the family I will be pleased to help. Take care x

  2. Pauline, Dont you remember we were all at the Blytheholm for our Mavis’ funeral a couple of years ago, the whole family was there. I remember you saying you had tried tracing your geneology. Christine and I, our Stan and my daugher Colleen and her two daughters were there.

  3. Ivor I don’t ever recall dad mentioning any uncles, but he was always a bit quiet on that front.
    I’ll have to have a walk into the Blytheholm and have a drink with this newly discovered relative!!

  4. Ian, you may be related, Terry Peacock and Ivor Peacock are cousins on their fathers side. Terrys father, my grandad George Peacock and Ivors father, Joe, were brothers I think.

  5. Ian, Terry was one of my dads two brothers, and was Paulines dad. Pauline has the Blytheholm Club. Even our Stan didn’t know his dad had two brothers.

  6. Ivor Peacock, did you know the Caseys & Tippeys from Swainby rd, the Casey were old Swainby rd folk moving there when Housewife lane was demolished. Some of my mams younger brothers were Barny & Michael Tippey, all went in the Brown Jug.

  7. Yes its the right Ivor, Pauline. Came to visit with Mavis at New Year and we had a great time. I often go to Billingham to visit our Stan. Been back to Stockton a few times with my secocnd wife Christine, we did a tour of our old house in Swainby Road and Norton Road and called in The Brown Jug.

  8. Just wondering if you are the same Ivor Peacock that visited my dad Terry Peacock in Stockton in the 1980’s. I think we could be cousins.

  9. Yep its your old uncle Ivor from North Shields Ian! This is Christine, your new auntie of 4yrs – I do this because he cant type.

  10. I was given a mug with a purple propelling pencil. Then I won a really flash white propelling pencil with the royal crest on it and a crown on the top. It was second prize in the Fancy Dress competition at the church on the corner of Victoria Avenue. (I was dressed as Sir Walter Raleigh. The winner was a baby in a basket with reeds from Billingham Bottoms stuck all round it – Moses in the Bullrushes!) The flash pencil was appropriated as too posh for a seven year old and placed in the display cabinet in Grandad’s house. I never did get it back…

  11. I remember as a teacher distributing these Coronation mugs. Part of the celebrations was the Secondary Schools’ Athletics championships to take place at Stockton Cricket Ground. As Secretary amongst other things I had to do was to mark out the track with all the signs for say ‘220 yards start’ Or ‘4 x 110 yards relay. 3rd takeover.’ Some of you may remember that we were suffering an almost characteristic flood season. It may have been after the 3rd time of trundling round the ground with the groundsman’s little boundary marker, setting out lanes and finish lines. Before the 3rd time I measured everything out and hammered in markers so that I did not have to completely re-measure everything.
    When it came to it, I think at the 4th attempt, we had a gloriously fine day.

  12. The same mugs are featured on a picture my wife Jean has posted on the site, showing pupils holding them at Mill Lane School at the time of the Coronation (id=4698)

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