13 thoughts on “Mill Lane Girls School c1962/3

  1. Does anyone remember me? My name is Pat Clarke and I left Mill Lane in 1963. My brother Raymond also went to the boys school.

  2. I attended Mill Lane from 1945-1953 and remember being in the school choir and making a record. It was about 1950/51 and Leslie Brown from the music/toy shop in the High St came along to the school with all the recording equipment. We had to sing over and over the songs until we got it right. I would be most interested in knowing if anybody else remembers this and if anyone knows where the record is.

  3. You’re probably right, Janice. I was trying to work dates out and know (or think I know!)we did Merchant of Venice first, then Androcles and the Lion and didn’t remember She Stoops to Conquer or Lady Precious Stream so I assumed I had left by then! Have it in the back of my mind that maybe Linda was in She Stoops to Conquer, but she is a LITTLE BIT younger than me! I left Mill Lane in July 1963 to go on to Stockton/Billingham Tech. Apologies for additional ‘e’ Linda… how many times do I have to write the correct spelling!!!

  4. Thank you Linda. I can see that Maureen Huggett has the look of Kevin. Last I heard about Kevin Speechley was that he was still living in Stockton.

    • Yes, Judith Speechley (now Hingley) had a brother named Kevin. Kevin sadly passed away a few yrs ago x

  5. Thank you for that, Irene. That has brought back so many happy, scary and exciting memories. Are you sure it was 62/63, though? I though it might have been 60/61. I was at the school from January 1960 to March 1963. I thought Androcles was the first play I did, then She Stoops to Conquer and then Lady Precious Stream.

  6. You’re welcome Robert. Don’t know about brothers for Judith and Maureen. I know Maureen had a younger sister and think they lived on Dixon Street. I lived ‘over the tracks’ on Browns Bridge!

  7. Picture came up not so bad, eh Linda! You always got the glam parts and I always got the skinny men’s parts… sighhhh. Miss Janice Carruthers, whatever did you do to my hair! I remember The Merchant of Venice (another skinny man’s part, Shylock, you were the glam Portia) the stage in the hall built by the caretaker on which we had to tread warily in case we fell between the stage and the washbasins!! Great fun though!

  8. The Photo sent in by Irene Horsburgh will be appreciated by Janice who produced the play. Judith Speechley did have a brother called Kevin and a sister called Margaret, I think. And Maureen Huggett had brother Kevin and a sister called Marie. They lived in Dixon Street. To Irene… No ‘e’ on the end of Crow! and thanks for finding and sending the pics.

  9. Thanks for photo Irene. Did Judith Speechley have a brother named Kevin and did Maureen Huggett also have a brother named Kevin? If so, I knew them very well at school and as friends. I think Kevin Huggett lived in one of the streets off Dixon St and Kevin Speechley
    lived in Sydney St which was next to my Street being Millbank.

  10. Back row; Judith Gunn, Rita Burr. Middle row; Judith Speechley, Linda Crowe, Maureen Huggett. Front row; Jean (Lion) Laverick, Irene King.

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