5 thoughts on “Staff, Mill Lane School c1950’s

  1. Bill Robertson married my mother in 1972 and they lived in Fairfield until his death in 1979 from cancer. My sister and brother still live in the same house staying after my mum died in 1988. I myself was a pupil at Mill Lane until I passed the 11 plus and went to Richard Hind.


  2. The teacher standing second from the right is a very young Mr Robertson, an inspirational man who had so much knowledge about so many things, and just as importantly he loved leaching. He became head teacher when the previous incumbent, Luke White, moved on to manage the new Hardwick secondary modern around 1966. The lady sitting in front of Mr Robertson is a very young Miss Atkinson who later married and became Mrs White. A lovely lady, who was my junior school form teacher, and Mill Lane was such a lovely school with which to be associated.
    Mr Coad who is not in the above photograph, attracts much attention from former pupils because he was a strict disciplinarian. He too was a really nice teacher too, as long as you worked hard and didn’t try to offend the system. Unfortunately many tried, and failed, to find themselves on the wrong end of a cane. 😉


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