5 thoughts on “Stockton FC action photo c1960

  1. The Player behind Trevor Coickerill is Brian Armstrong the Norton Cricket all rounder, who was a very useful footballer, and is still living in Norton near to the Norton Cricket Ground. Brian is an avid Gardener these days and his garden must be one of the best on Teesside. He delights in feeding the Woodpeckers that nest in his back garden. The garden is a double block and how he manages to keep it in such a pristine condition is a wonder to me as Brian is in his early eighties.

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    • Brian has a nice garden but he has plenty of competition in that area there are some top gardeners of a similar age & it is a wonder his Woodpeckers have survived with all the foxes that visit them gardens from the surrounding farm land.


  2. The player 2nd left is the Stockton legend Trevor Cockerill & the Stockton player challenging for the ball looks like Benny Brown. The game looks like Stockton v Middlesbrough Reserves. Alan Bates is not in this photo but he was a good footballer who played for Primrose Hill,Billingham Synthonia & Norton C.C.T.(now Norton & Stockton Ancients).


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