St Bede’s School teams

St Bedes school cricket and football teams. The colour photograph shows in the back row: Brian Layden, Paul O’connor, Kev Hollifield,  Jamie Nugent, Bernie Daly…. front row: Phil Marshall, Peter Connor,…Mulgrew, Jamie Richardson, Brian Doyle, Mick Jennings, Phil Spacey.

This team was runners up in the league and Salter Cup, and the teacher who ran the team was Brother Nicholas.

Photographs and team names courtesy of Phil Marshall.

18 thoughts on “St Bede’s School teams

  1. I think Anon is the one and only Len Nicholson! But why should he post under Anon when he has also posted under his full name? The plot thickens!!!!


  2. Ok I give up on you but keep up the good work…..Bernie Daly was one of the best, but underrated, footballers in the county. Mick Lawler was also the best manager I played for.


  3. Bernie Daly in all of these photos is the youngest one of three brothers, Keith & Vince the others who were good all-round sportsmen. Two other ex St Bede’s schoolboys who were good footballers were Billy Wilkinson of Hull City & Terry(BIG T)Turnbull of Hartlepool Utd & Crook Town.


  4. I remember Freddy Baker, a no nonsense centre forward. Always a curse to the Richard Hind team. Playing along side him as an inside forward was my next door neighbour of those years George Ascough. In goal was the brother of Les Tate the Richard Hind goalie of earlier years.


  5. Hi Phil with sixty years involved in sport I am bound to have an opinion to offer the web-site on a lot of teams which could be of interest to the younger generation.Two very good ex St Bedes schoolboy footballers that played for the Knights of St Columbus were Ginner Griffiths(father of Steve who played for Billingham Synthonia) & Freddy Baker,some others were Tommy Currie & the Joynes Brothers.


  6. It’s good to have ‘anon’ on here as he is. I’m one of many who try to recognise him by his comments referring to dates, names, places and times. Upto now I have him as a Nortonian, has played football in local leagues and worked at Head Wrightsons. I’m closing the gap on him. Keep it up ‘anon.’


  7. Hi, can you stop being anon,please – everybody needs to know who you are and why you have an opinion on all sports teams on this site


  8. The teacher in the cricket team photo is Mick Lawler who played football alongside Brother Francis(a sportsmaster at the old St Bedes School) for the Knights of St Columbus in the Stockton & District League in the early sixties.


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