Holy Trinity Boys School c1952

t12288A class photograph of Senior Two, Holy Trinity Boys School in 1952.

Form master, Mr. Harry Salmon. Centre row.  From right –   3rd, Llewellyn Williams and  5th, Peter Baron. Top row, From the right –   4th, John Blakey and 8th, Brian Taylor. At far right end of front row, Honeyman.

Mr Salmon had taught my father when he attended the school in the 1920s and regularly chastised pupils by thumping on the back of the neck with the unfeeling stump of a middle finger –  the rest of it having accidentally been lopped off by negligent use of a trench mortar in the 1st world war!

Photograph and details courtesy of Llewellyn Williams.

3 thoughts on “Holy Trinity Boys School c1952

  1. There is another old Head Wrightsons lad in the photo Bob, back-row 3rd from left is John Marchant who was a fitter in the Teasdale Fitting Shop,Thornaby.


  2. I seem to remember Norman Honeyman was a good goalkeeper during his schoolboy years, not frightened to get in where the boots were flying. In more recent years I often came across him in Stockton high street where he was a well known character. It’s some time ago since I saw him last in the Yarm Road area of the town, where I think he probably lived.


  3. John Blakey, 4th right top row, eventually when leaving school started work at Head Wrightsons Teasdale works. After the apprentice school, he worked in the labs and then in the x-ray dept at the Bridge Yard. His father was the band leader for the Head Wrightsons Band. He lived in Imperial Avenue in Norton.


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