Ingram Wedding

t6640My parents wedding photograph – Can anybody help me to trace my family relations. My grandfather and father,both called Albert James Ingram, were born in Stockton-on-Tees. My grandfather actually lived with a family called Waring of which there were three sisters called Florence,Ethel and Annie. Florence married a James Casey and had a daughter called Joyce. Ethel and Annie had a crockery stall  on the market and lived in Middelsbrough. My grandfather married a Strachan but she died and he remarried to a Beattie Woods.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mel Ingram

3 thoughts on “Ingram Wedding

  1. Mel, Albert James Ingram was born in 1917. He was the son of Thomas Albert Ingram born 1891, Stockton. Thomas married Elizabeth Strachan in 1914 in Stockton. Thomas’ father was a John William Ingram born 1863 in Thornton le Moor, Yorkshire. Thomas Albert and his father lived in Hind Street. Thomas joined the army on 10/5/1913 and was declared unfit in 1914. Thomas was my uncle’s uncle.
    John William Ingram, was the son of James Ingram and Martha Foxton. He married Mary Jane Harlend in 1866 in Stockton. James born 1823, Marske by Richmond, Yorkshire. He was the son of Elizabeth Ingram and Benjamin Taylor. Elizabeth was born in 1799 in Kirby Ravensworth.


    • Thomas Albert Ingram born 1891 was my great, great uncle. Thomas had a brother Harry born 1894 in Stockton who is my great grandfather, making Thomas and Harry brothers. His son was Derek Anthony Ingram born 1945 in Stockton, and his daughter (my mother) is Suzanne Victoria Ingram.
      I have just started tracing my family tree and wonder if you have any other information about the Ingram family. Any idea why Thomas was declared unfit for duty? Also any more info on John William from Thornton-le-Moor, James from Marske and any others?
      Can anyone identify any more of the people in the wedding photo? Particularly the elderly man with the white moustache and the lady on the right side of the bride?


      • Jake, I have further information on the Ingram family. Please ask the picture Stockton team for my email address.


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