Grangefield Grammar School, Rugby Team – 1953/54

Grangefield Grammar School, Rugby Team between 1953/54.

Those in the photograph are: Back Row (L-R) Derek Welford, Keith Boddy, Jim Hewitt, Humphrey Wood. Second Row (L-R) ?? Hallmark, Dave Wells, Norman Harris, Brian Heald, Colin Waller, Phil West. Front Row (L-R) Ridley Scott, Colin Marshall, ?? Smith, John Neal, Brian Easton, Dave Allison. Can anyone help fill in the blanks?

Photograph and details courtesy of John Neal.

7 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School, Rugby Team – 1953/54

    • Sorry Anon but Tony Scott was not at Grangefield. I played rugby with Tony at Stockton Rugby Club. We are I believe the same age and I think that I would have remembered if he had been around in rugby teams at school.


  1. Keith Boddy became a professor of medical physics and led the Northern Regional Medical Physics Department for a large number of years.


  2. No idea at all but my late Father, Brian Thompson, taught there from 1952 to December 1955. He might have remembered any who he taught (but he was not a Rugby enthusiast!) He died march 7th 2011. I’ve never seen any photos of him from his time at Grangefield, can anyone help!?


  3. I can fill in one of the gaps because the handsome chap on the left hand end of the middle row is my Dad! Ron Hallmark. He had no idea this photo existed. He also had no idea he went to school with Ridley Scott. The internet is an amazing thing…


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