Ellen Gardener, Robson Maternity Home

Attached are two photographs of the Robson maternity home. This is my mother, Ellen Gardener (Nel) who worked at the Robson for a number of years until it closed and she moved up to the then new North Tees hospital. in those days women stayed in the hospital for I think 10 or 14 days and the nurse always carried the baby out of the home and into the care of parents. The second picture, is my cousin Millie Hunt with another family. My mam is now 91, sadly my cousin Millie died a number of years ago.

Photograph and details courtesy Marilyn Richardson.

31 thoughts on “Ellen Gardener, Robson Maternity Home

    • I had my daughter at the Robson on the 1st September, 1952 and was in there for 14 days which was the norm in those days. I was in there with your mum as there was 4 of us in the big front room.


      • Hi Audrey. Have just seen your reply. Glad you knew my mum Sylvia. I am now 65 and am a retired teacher in Rotherham. Just looked on this site by accident. Regards Sandra Dover


  1. I was born here 5 November 1960, my Mother said she could hear the fireworks going off. A family story about it was while I was there I contracted pneumonia and almost died. My parents said that Eli, the famous comedian was visiting someone there and he had brought it in to the home, no idea how or even if it was true lol?


  2. I was born at the Robson on 25th June 1946, my parents were Mary and Frank Annakin, they named me Dorothy Annakin. We have lived in Western Australia, since 1963. My Mum is still with us and will be 93 on 6th November 2016, Dad passed away 14 years ago. My sisters Susan and Judith Annakin were also born at the Robson.

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      • Carol I certainly do remember you, I posted a message on this site under “Trip to Venice, William Newton School C1957/58” on 30/7/2015. It was a picture of your group, you included, when you went on the school trip to Venice. If you type in Google, Trip to Venice, William Newton School C1957/58, you will be able to read it. At the time my Mum was in hospital with a broken hip, she was 91 years at the time and recognised you straight away in the picture. My Mum will be 93 come this Sunday 6/11/2016. If you would contact Picture Stockton via email pictures@stockton.gov.uk they will forward you my email. I would like to catch up on what we have been doing over the years.


  3. I was born at the Robson in 1936 and my brother was born in February 1940 and my younger brother was born in November 1941 – Maureen Pearson.


  4. Mum and I was looked after at the Robson as my mum had me at home after she had been sent home after being told ‘you’re not ready!’ This was in December 1946 and mum and I were there for about 10 days which was normal then. I was Jean Hanrahan then.


  5. Dose anyone have a picture published in the Evening Gazette of the mothers and babies born on Christmas day 1963? My son Anthony was the second born that day.


    • Hi Janet, Don’t think she will have been there then because my brother was born in 1951 and I was born in 1954, similar to your family. Guess she would have been at home with us.


    • Hi Janet, Try the archives, you might have some luck. They stock records of lots of places, including workhouses, schools etc. Teesside archives. Give them a ring first as they are not available every day. Good luck. – Another Marilyn PS My cousin Maureen was born at the Robson


  6. I know the family who now own the “Robson Maternity home” its now a grand and beautiful family home.
    They often get people commenting on their memories of the building. 🙂


  7. This very handsome couple are Pat (nee Moore) and Dennis Miller with their first son, Gary.
    Years later when the Robson became The Stork Hotel, Pat and Dennis managed it for two years


    • I was born in the Robson, I should say my mam walked from Norton, Metcalf St, back of the Mallable club to the Robson, I was born 5 minutes after she got there, I remember my mam saying the Matron was awful she had no sympathy for the mothers or their husbands.


      • Yes. She was a dragon! I knew of her as a St. Peter’s Church parishioner also. With a little help I could probably recall her name – at two in the morning! Her son was in my peer group.


  8. Three of my children were born in the Robson in 1960,61,67. My 3rd daughter was born in Western Australia in 1963 and my son in the North Tees in 1969.


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