The Talbot

This is one of those posts that was lost when we moved to the new site.

The No 9 (Talbot) on the High Street. The second photograph shows the same building in 2007 the name having changed to No 9, Manhattans.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Jordison.

We have tried to recreate as many of the original comments as possible…

19 thoughts on “The Talbot

  1. Had many happy times in the Talbot in the ’70’s – used to look forward to going down when I came back from London when I was at college. Brought a few people back, and they could not believe how good it was. Lots of old friends and happy memories, and, now, back in touch with a few since me and family moved back to Teesside a few years ago. I used to have the Bank flat in Thornaby pre move to London, and used to go on to the Incognito or the Rock Garden in the Boro


    • Hi, I think I may vaguely know you Pauline, did you used to go to Fairfield Secondary Modern? I used to frequent the Talbot as well as the Dovecot, the Inn Cognito and the Electric Onion. My good friend, who I still see, is Jackie Brown who I think you might know, she still lives in Hartburn, we went to the Penny Black many times. What a great site this is, reading all these posts brings back so many memories. And yes I wore an Afghan coat too!


      • Hi Sue, which year were you in at Fairfield? I left in 1970 and frequented the Talbot and In Cog! Sorry for the delay. Now live in Middlesbrough after 30 odd years in London


        • Hi Pauline nice to hear from you. I was in the year below you and left in 1971 age 16 then went on to Stockton/Billingham Tech College. I lived in Amsterdam for 6 years from 1977 and vaguely remember seeing you backstage at a gig. Do you recall that?


          • Which gig, back stage at a few in London through my partner Tony Thurlow, who also went to the Talbot. Remember your name. Don’t know how, my brother, David would have been in the year below


            • It was at a gig in Amsterdam I recall. I also remember seeing you in the Dovecot with your boyfriend. I was and still am a very close friend of Jackie Brown who was in my year but not my class, she used to go out with Howard Gaunt, that’s probably where you know my name. I live near Leeds now.


  2. Yes, Bra’ds Bar was the old Royal Mail sorting office just behind the post office. The entrance for the vans and posties was in Prince Regent Street


  3. I remember going to the Talbot in the late sixties when the Fettlers folk club was upstairs at that time I think Vin Garbut was just starting out the folk club then moved to the back room of the Sun on Monday nights. To answer one of your pieces I believe the name of the pub on the corner of Bath lane Church road was called the Half Moon.


  4. I remember my first pint in the cellar, I was sixteen, me and a bunch of lads went in, I asked for bottles of Newcastle all round, when the barman finished serving us, he said, when you finish your beer leave, he knew we were underage.
    I stopped drinking in Fitz’s when Georgina left, she and her partner kept a good pint. There ain’t many good pubs in Stockton now. I enjoyed it while it lasted.


  5. Whilst in The Royal Navy my ship visited Newcastle in the very early seventies. My pals and I walked into the Post Office Inn at the bottom of Northumberland Street and recognised The Landlady immediately. In fact it was a mutual recognition because she had formerly been Landlady of the Half Moon where I frequently imbibed. We were treated royally and enjoyed a stoppy back ’till at least 3am. We talked for hours about the old pubs and characters of Stockton and, of the pubs we could recall, approaching 50% have been either demolished or closed during the intervening years. How sad. I have great memories of most of them. The Greyhound, The Old Royal, The Black Lion, The Vane Arms, etc. etc. Oh yes, and the Talbot of course. I remember the barmaid in the Blue Room of the Vane Arms was called Mabel. The manager was a retired Colonel whose name I think was Macmillan. He was very strict with his clientele and once refused entry to Frank Ifield because it was believed his sexual orientation was unclear. In this age I cannot use The Colonel’s own words..


  6. To all ex Talbot regulars near and far just thought I would let you all know the sorry state the old place is now in. I spent many a happy night in the cellar bar from 1973 to 1977 listening to the best juke box in the town [see emily play.hey joe.gates of eden etc] and I like many more had my first pint of tartan in there. This picture was taken on 3/11/07 lets hope somebody does something about this soon. Another icon with an uncertain future. Regards to all ex regulars.
    Peter Jordison

    The Talbot along with I think the Bridge Inn at Thornaby used to proclaim it was a Sir John Fitzgerald pub. Only in it a couple of times but remember a very friendly crowd. To the area experts if my memory is at fault please let me know .
    Mike Renwick

    The Talbot in Stockton served Newcastle Exhibition on draft and Newcastle Brown Ale in pint and half pint bottles if I remember right. I used to drink in the snooker room upstairs before going on to the Royal Oak. The Sun Inn and on to the Maison or the Jubilee Hall. Must have been all of seventeen when that little pub crawl started back in the late sixties!!!
    David Mills

    The Talbot was originally a Sir John Fitzgerald pub and served Bass as did all pubs under the Fitzgerald banner. They were still serving Bass when I left Stockton in 1965 but may have come under the Scottish and Newcastle banner after that. I have often wondered what qualified a pub to be linked to Sir John Fitzgerald and who was he?
    Ged Hutchinson

    Ged Hutchinson – Ged the info on Sir John Fitgerald and his pub chain can be found at:- or type the full name in quotes in the search window.
    Mike Renwick

    Sir John Fitzgerald is now the trade name of a chain of pubs in the north east of England selling real ale.
    David Mills

    To ALL gentlemen like me who lead a dissipated younger life and are thus well acquainted with Stockton’s hostelries. At least one of the pubs that no longer exists and has no photographic reference has been mentioned in the comments that I’ve read was the Tilery. What about the rest The Nelson round the back of the baths; the American Tavern off Wellington Street; the Wimpey High St; all and I believe were Camero’s houses. In common with the Gray Horse there was I believe a second pub that sold Flowers Ale. Situated on Church Road before the turning into Bath Lane varnished wooden frontage with “candy twist” mullions – name? Can anyone help with that one? A rich heritage indeed – if you have any more – lets have ‘em!
    Mike Renwick

    I do remember one which was the Turf I think it was on John street just along from Brenada Fewsters the florist towards Bishopton Lane long since gone
    Ray Buck

    Mike Renwick. What about the Moor under the bridge at the top of Dovecote Street. Can’t remember what the beverage was but it was rubbish.. I can’t think that these Brewers had another pub in the Town. Could it have been West Auckland Breweries?
    Bob Irwin

    Ray Buck – Ray interesting that the first pub that is mentioned is one I don’t know. However if you find “The Leeds Hotel in Stockton” t3544 the comments from Mike Heslop confirm your memory. Mike Heslop – Mike could you please add some more details brewery beers sold and so on?
    Mike Renwick

    Remembering back now I believe the Moor Hotel beer was “Westo”s. Mark re. the “Thirsty Senator yes it was Les King. When you get a few years on you seem to forget a few things. Thanks for reminding me.
    Bob Irwin

    Talking about old pubscan anybody remember The Custom House? At least I think that was its name. It was at the top of some steps on the bottom right hand corner of Finkle St. facing Corporation Quay. It had a small “select” room labelled Captain’s Room.
    Derek Middleton

    To all you lads out there who seem to know every pub in Stockton. Remember When printed a photo this month of the Half Moon where was it?
    Moira Murphy nee McInnes

    The Half Moon was on the corner of Bath Lane I think. Could well be wrong as I am going back to the time I attended St Mary’s infants and juniors. I do remember the Customs House in Finkle Street however in my time it was derelict. My dad told me it was a rough old place in its day.
    David Mills

    Derek Middleton you have the correct location of “The Customs House” Hotel in Finkle Street. I was fortunate enough never to have had a drink there and so I can not comment about the Captain’s Room. However, The Greyhound Pub further along the river bank towards Castlegate did have a “Captain’s Room”. This was a very basic room with uncarpeted scrubbed planking floor and bare wooden tables. It was an ideal hideaway for under aged drinkers and they served a very good “Black and Tan”. Care had to be exercised when leaving this Pub as the edge of the quay was only a few yards away from the front entrance. I wonder how many patrons actually finished up “in the drink”.
    Harry Rhodes

    Pubs that have bitten the dust in Stockton include The Rocket on Durham Road. I was very surprised to find that The Rocket is no more as the pub was only built in the late 50`s. Surely this must class as the pub with the shortest life in Stockton. Incidentally it leaves the area of Stockton comprising all of Newtown Primrose Hill Gilpin Brown and Eastbourne Estates without a local. In fact the next pub along Durham Road is the Mile House if that is still there.
    Ged Hutchinson

    The Rocket on Durham Road might have even been built in the early 60’s! It’s been demolished for a number of years now.
    Brian Swales

    There is still a pub that covers the area of Primrose Hill namely the Maple Hotel. It is situated on the borderline of Maple Road Primrose Hill and Dover Road Ragworth. I understand the pub is one of many licensed premises owned by Les Moore some of the others being Rebels Moores Leeds Hotel all in Bishopton Lane. Les also owns Brads Bar in Stockton high Street the Oxbridge Social Club and before it was demolished The Tilery Inn.
    John Robson

    The Maple between Primrose Hill /Ragworth estate Mile House Sheraton and Horse and Jockey” that’s it along or visible from Durham Road. Another name change for The Talbot is now the Manhattan (2006). re Geds comment on the last bus remember the dash for the 11-15 United No 67 Hartlepool bus from Stockton High street the Corporation service finishing 11-00 miss that and it was a long walk to Norton or Billingham no taxi in those days they were for funerals or weddings only
    Bob Harbron

    I seem to remember a Pub being built on land that was opposite the allotments at the top of Hawthorne Road where the road turned left on to the Ragworth Estate. I remember having a pint with my father in this particular pub and Dad was not impressed with the beer as he was Bass man who drank in the old North Eastern as I believe your father did. I can not remember the name of this pub, can any one fill in the blanks? The Railway Club was also a very popular drinking place for the Locals.
    Benny Brown

    Referring to Benny brown’s entry. I remember The Maple being built as I passed there every morning on my way to St. John’s School from Myrtle Road. I would have been 8 or 9 so it was probably 1962/3. The brickies on the site would let me and my brother lay bricks on the front wall by the pavement.
    Phil Rambert

    Was the pub referred to by Benny Brown called “The Roseworth” ?
    Margaret High

    With reference to Phil Ramberts mention of St Johns School I was at the opening of this school with my mother it must have been about 1938/39. I vividly remember the opening was officiated on by father Bott husband of a well known Stockton Identity Mrs Bott. Father Bott died shortly after this opening. Mrs Bott continued to serve St Johns Church and used to ride her sit up and beg bike all over Stockton visiting the sick and elderly. Mrs Bott always stopped at my mothers house for a cup of tea and a cake or biscuit on her travels. Mrs Bott looked like a old fashioned Mary Poppins in her flowing always black attire. She was a wonderful Lady who lived near the Parish Church beside the Gas Works in Stockton. She came from a very wealthy family but denied herself all forms of luxury and lived a very spartan life administering the Church’s duties to the underprivileged of Stockton and was made a Freeman of Stockton at the same time as Lord Stockton Harold McMillan was given this honour. I have never been able to locate this St Johns School in the Ragworth area on my trips to Stockton can any one position it for me.
    Benny Brown

    Re-Benny Brown’s query St. John’s School still exists at the top of the bank in Dover Road (on the left if coming from Laurel Road). There is another building opposite (across the playing field) which now bears the name of St. John’s this used to be Ragworth School. I believe the original St. John’s is now a community centre or suchlike but the original buildings playground etc; survive. It was a very happy school for me. I seem to remember some photographs on display in the school when I was there (late 50″s) depicting the school roof lying upside down on the playground when it had been torn off in a storm. But you know what tricks the memory plays…. does anyone recall this event?
    Phil Rambert

    Benny Brown lived not far from me and I can agree with him that Mrs Bott was indeed a very popular figure amongst Stockton`s less fortunate people. My mother thought she was a Saint and spoke very highly of her. I have no other recollection of her other than the one riding her sit-up-and-beg bike. I wonder if anybody has photos of this remarkable woman.
    Ged Hutchinson

    I too went to St. John’s School from about 1946 10 1950. I think the roof was blown off just after that as I remember my father going to see it but I have no recollection of being at school when it happened. There was a mini tornado as I remember. David Price was the headmaster while I was there Mrs. Evans Mrs. Atkinson and Mr. Gale were the three teachers I remember. We had a communion service each Wednesday run by the vicar Father Waker and it was here that I made my disastrous debut on the amateur dramatic stage playing the Archangel Gabriel. I unfortunately tripped on my nightie going up the steps and bellowed “Behold!” from a prone position. I also remember Mrs. Bott. She ran the Mothers Union at St. John’s church and was an indefatigable worker with many parishioners and others around the town giving away most of her own money to her causes.
    Janice Swannell (nee Carruthers)

    Yeah the old Talbot…..remember the snooker table upstairs and an old girl name of Alice worked the bar around 1966ish?
    Norman Pilkington

    Uou are all bringing back memories for me. l used to be landlady in the rocket though not in its hay day in the latter days it got knocked down a few years after l left l was there about 1994ish. Remember the wild ox, tilery that’s gone? l had that anyway. Who remembers the pubs along where boots the chemist is in the high street? Black Horse, White Horse and another l cant think of. I remember the first pub l had a drink in, Three Tunns you went in the back room and she would come in and serve you with a apron on how l hated those halves of beer. Yes, the other pubs were the Vane Arms and the William. My brother drank in there all the time. The landlord was Bill…I forget his name but he went to the Oxbridge pub.
    chris midgley

    Chris – the Bill you mentioned who went to the Oxbridge pub would of been Bill Aitkenhead.
    Karen Rice

    There is a photo published in the August issue of “Remember When” and The Half Moon Inn was shown alongside a pic of the bar inside. The Half Moon was situated at The Square now Church Road on the junction of Bath lane. So it would have been facing the Municipal Buildings.
    Martin Spires

    Downstairs in the Talbot shall live on in my memory from the mid to late 70s as a biker/hairy/hippy place where you could listen to Frigid Pink and Dylan on the jukebox and drink snakebites. Sweaty beery nights in the Talbot when I was 16 and 17 prepared me for life far better than any amount of education before or since. Parents thought it was as rough as dogs but there was rarely any trouble by contrast the Berni where all the well dressed lads went used to be the scene of many a kicking. Happy 1970s days eh?.
    John Nicholson

    Does anyone remember the Teessider on Bridge Road or the Commercial on Norton Road over from the Wild Ox?
    Allan Robinson

    Allan Robinson – if people remember the Commercial on Tilery Bank. My Mother used to be friendly with the landlady of the Commercial (Mrs Tighe) I remember being taken there on Saturday evenings and staying in the flat above the pub whilst my Mum and Dad were downstairs in the “lounge” I can still hear the singsong going on in my memory. On one of the Tilery pages on this site there is a message from Lewis Tighe Mrs Tighe’s eldest son re a picture of Tilery School football team he is in the team picture. I left him a message to see if he remembers my sister and I staying as children in their flat but sadly he can’t have seen it. Happy memories.
    Beryl Clare

    I remember the Teessider but the only one I knew was just as you cross over Victoria Bridge, it used to be beside the old labour exchange.
    Peter Newell

    David Mills – yes they were great times. I must have been all of jolly 14 when I used to start off downstairs in Talbot, then on to the Royal oak and usually the one on corner of Talbot. Was that green dragon? Anth Rowntree, Mickey who has same name as the bloke in only Fools and Horses. (He had very long black hair and played in a band.) Daz and his motley crew. Do you remember any of them? Round about the time of Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knockin
    Linda Pieper

    Dear David – it was the Castle and Anchor and Mickeys last name was Pierce
    Linda Pieper

    Hi Linda I remember a few of those names from my distant past. Did you drink in the Treetop Room at the Oak? The old girl behind the bar was Miriam who would give us lads the odd free pint of “Worthy E”. Happy days.
    David Mills

    David, Yes I did drink there but due to my delicate age I would skulk behind people with my drinks. I have been gone from Stockton for a long time; my brother used to own Crown cars and then was manager at Pharaohs. I have tried many times to get hold of photos and info on Stockton and this is the best yet. I used to drink with Andrea Dunn, Susan Fitzgerald and Yvonne Pinckney. I think we all had long dresses and Afghans and thought we were the bees knees. What happened to the incognito?
    Linda Pieper

    Don’t know what happened to Incognito Linda. I left Stockton in 1978 and been in Australia ever since.
    David Mills

    I now live in Spain – left Stockton about 1975. Used to drink in Penny Black in Hartburn
    Linda Pieper

    The Inncog became Barberellas last time I went there but it was a long time ago
    John Rigg

    Don`t forget the Black Lion in the High Street. and the Victoria
    Bill Davies

    Hi, again Linda. I used to drink in the Penny Black as well!! Amazing how many people on this web site must have crossed paths back in good old Stockton and are now communicating from across the globe.
    David Mills

    Hi Linda, like yourself I had an Afghan coat. It could stand up by itself and when wet maintained a no go zone of 5 feet around me. You mentioned Daz if it is the same Daz as I knew he unfortunately died some years ago. The last time I was with him was at my house in Durham in 1983 when he payed me a visit with Brian Mallaby. Brian a great guy with a heart of gold was the victim of a car accident in the mid eighties. All who knew him still miss his company. I still have my old membership card for The Incognito from 1972.
    Alistair Smith

    Hi Linda – I came to “The Pit” under the Talbot a couple of years later than you but have known Yvonne Pinkney and Sue Fitzgerald for years – Yvonne saw your posting on this site and we can’t believe you mentioned Sue’s name on 2nd Feb. Sue died in the Butterwick Hospice half an hour after your posting. She was my best mate and we were there at the same time but I didn’t get to know her until after the Talbot days. We all remember the stinky afghan coats long dresses and the brilliant juke box playing The Doors, Black Sabbath and Floyd – “See Emily Play” was always on and “Paranoid”.
    Carol Lee

    I can remember going to the Talbot in the 70’s downstairs – then the Castle and Anchor, the Royal Oak in the upstairs bar where a bloke called Norman I think used to do the bar as well. Also The Vic used to have a cellar bar which used to be great as it was very modern. The only bad feeling I have of that time was when a Londoner asked me if I wanted to buy some dope I suppose that was the price we had to pay for being trendy and modern
    Glynis Bolton

    Alastair, In just ten minutes I have heard that three of my old friends from stockton have died. Daz was definitely larger than life in his personality. Brian I remember very well. Wish I could put a face to you. God didn’t our afghans stink! I bought mine at a trendy shop near Mothercare and the guy there Vernon I think his name was promised me it was cured. I’ll never believe him again. Know one would sit next to me on the bus.
    Linda Pieper

    Hiya Linda, I bought my Afghan in Kensington market with no promises as to it having been cured. It ended up being left in St Charles Hospital in Notting Hill in 1973 after I had had my appendix removed. It was so disgusting that the nurses had quarantined it in the sluice room and I forgot conveniently to collect it on my discharge. A lot of people remember me by my long Dr Who style scarf and my having been arrested in Redcar at a Policeforce aborted free concert with the Edgar Broughton Band in July 1971.
    Alistair Smith

    John Nicholson,I love your memories of The Talbot. Dylan with his Every Body Must Get Stoned and Hawkwind with their Silver Machine. It was certainly a magical time. Every knew each other or if they didn’t then they were still friendly. Wouldn’t miss those days for the world. Wonder how many times we chatted.
    Linda Pieper

    I was sad to hear about Sue as there was so much to remember especially our holiday to Wales. Ask Yvonne if she remembers the burgundy silky dressing gown we used to share between the three of us and the long blue draw string dress. She made leather patches of birds and hearts to stick on it. Yvonne’s mum was great, she was so cool. She made the world’s best Yorkshire puds and we used to eat them with marmalade after. Yummy!
    Carol Lee

    Linda, hi. I am remembered for my time in the Talbot. Was it the snakebites combined with Mandies and my attempt to walk to the loo that you remember? I came across this site by accident and it’s really wonderful to hear the old stories. As the saying goes you can take the person out of Stockton but you cannot take Stockton out of the person. I now live in Bristol and still visit Ray & Polly Laybourne and see Alan Draper he used to wear wellies in the summer and stutter, a lovely guy. I have so many memories of the Talbot, Blue Post and Incognitos. Oh those hot pants. My afghan smelt of (well Afghan) and 1/2 bottle of petulie. Lovely surprise this site
    Anth Rowntree

    Anth Rowntree, I knew you originally for your beautiful long curly locks and also for standing me up and also for reading a book while we were all dancing about in the Incognito. Fortunately we met each other again on Newcastle Docks and in Westgate Hill . I am John and Sylvia Hessings sister. What happened to Gary Butler? That Talbot was a true den of iniquity but boy. I loved it.
    Linda Pieper

    Yes, I also “wasted my youth” in the “Pit” from 1974 till 1984. Me and all my other mates from the Boro (Tomo, Peo, Miff, Alan Archer, Les Richo etc ) used to get taxis and start in the Castle or The Sun then onto the Talbot. Fill the juke box with your fav tunes which you would hear in approx 2 weeks time see George and Keith (who sadly died recently) and Howard the bar man who at the sign of trouble could vault the bar in record time and deal with what little trouble I do remember.
    Martin Deacy

    Number Nine’s formerly The Talbot. I went down in the cellar bar once with some mates. I remember it being very smoky and those crates of Newcastle Brown Ale stacked high. The motor bikes were all lined up outside and the biker’s (or Hells Angel’s) were downstairs. The juke-box was very loud too with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and such bands blasting out. I had one bottle of NBA too many or my drink was spiked and that was the last time I went in there.
    Martin Spires

    Wow! It’s been great reading all these memories! I used to frequent the “Cog” (Incognito) all the time in the early 70’s. It was a great place at the time and the Fiesta in Norton I saw lots of cabaret’s there.
    Lesley Booth

    Hi Anth, how are you? Polly has mentioned you a lot in the past years. I can’t believe after all these years somebody would remember me. Linda, I can’t place your face but I hope I didn’t insult you. Great memories! I was actually barred out of the Talbot for a few weeks. Can you believe that? Who got barred out of the Talbot? Does anybody remember this guy? His party piece was to get drunk (of course) and take it off. Other people used to get drunk and swipe it off his head and they’d either wipe the floor their shoes or the bar with it. Then put it back on his head. I was back in Stockton last August and stayed with Ray and Pol, lovely people. My kids loved it and want to live there. Great walking down memory lane. Thanks for putting this site together.
    Garry Butler

    Garry, hi. Ray & Polly also mention you and your family, let me know when you are next over and I will try to get up and say hello as I now live in Somerset.
    Anth Rowntree

    Found this site by accident. I spent a lot of my teenage years growing up in Stockton visiting relatives (late 70s early 80s). The Talbot (downstairs) was & still is my favourite pub. The juke box was fantastic, nobody has mentioned the wall murals yet! Ace! Mushrooms space ships …. silver machine eh? Never saw any bother – maybe the smell of patchouli had us all on a peace vibe or something. And the Afghans did stink! I know my cousin wore one!
    Ali Larkin

    This pub in recent times went under the name of Manhattan’s. I think it had many name changes over the years however I have always referred to it as the Talbot. It was sad to see this once very popular pub close for business this past weekend and the building shuttered up. I have heard it rumoured that it is to be used sometime in the future as residential accommodation.
    John Robson

    It is sad to see this pub closed if I read the postings correctly. I always remember drinking in there when it was the old Talbot with the smell of exotic cigarettes filling the air. You always knew when the CID were in because they were the ones with the suit and ties whilst everyone else were in bike jackets and jeans.
    Michael McNaughton

    It was a sad day when the place closed. I Heard its going to be converted into flats. Maybe we could buy the basement and relive the past. Is the juke box still down there and my lost youth?
    Martin Deacy
    I was very sorry to read on site about the Talbot no9s/Fitzgeralds this pub was run by the best husband and wife team in the business the longest serving hosts on Teesside. I was darts captain for a few years, Georgina always looked after us really well. keith passed away a couple of years ago but I believe Georgina is living back in Thornaby. I wish her and the two lads all the best it’s the end of an era.
    John Mcalees

    What memories come flooding back reading all these comments. My dad Albert Hindmarsh (Goller to some) used to be a regular in the front window seats with his brothers friends and market lads playing dominoes. I think it was when Georgina and Keith ran the pub. This would be throughout the 60s, 70s and early 80s. They were part of the furniture. I also have fond memories of drinking in the cellar bar in the early 70s with Norm (now my husband). Christmas time is especially memorable as there was such a great friendly atmosphere. We’d just meet up with different people every time we went in, you could just chat to anyone there were never any fights. Like others I feel sad to think it’s the end of it’s era. I wonder if anyone remembers my dad, he died February 2006 and the memories of the Talbot mean such a lot to me and will go down in my family history. He was also a regular in the billiard hall in the Empire in his younger days. I wonder if anyone has photos of the inside of the billiard hall.
    Liz Hill (nee Hindmarsh)

    Has anyone got any personal ghost stories of the Talbot/Fitzeralds/Manhattans etc! I personally know of lots of spooky things going on in there upstairs as well as downstairs but am wanting to get others stories from over the years to see if they match! Does anyone know the actual history of the building itself? And if anyone could give me contact details of the new owners that would be fantastic! I’m researching the place as part of a book I’m contributing too so all stories about its history/ghosts/especially personal experiences would be greatly appreciated…especially if the place is going to become private! Thanks!
    Claire Robinson

    Claire if you go on to youtube and type in Manhattons, Stockton there is a small clip on the place
    K Rice

    I was curious to know just how long the oldest hosts of the Talbot reigned any answers please.
    Patricia Watson

    My husband’s grandparents, Wilf and Peggy Owen were licensees of the Talbot in the 30s and 40s covering a span of about 16 years. During the war years Peggy, her daughter Eve and a fulltime barmaid called Winnie Hutchinson were left to run the pub while Wilf was away fighting. Although Eve’s memory is failing she does have some memories and particularly remembers Frankie Franks (theatre impresario) frequenting the Talbot during pantomime season at the Globe.
    Eileen Owen

    To Eileen Owen-my parents managed the Castle & Anchor at the top of Church Rd. from 1936-56 and I certainly remember the names Wilf & Margaret Owen. Did they at one time manage the Garrick in Yarm Lane? My parents names were Jack & Kathleen Quinn. Does anyone out there remember them?
    Patricia Watson ( nee Quinn)

    Just found this pic, sorry if I’m repeating myself. Found possible ancestors that may have been publicans of this pub in 1881. Have found an Edward Watkins and I’m hoping he married Elizabeth Cannthey and had children Annie and Sarah at that time. Hoping I am right in my assumption, it will be a great disapointment to me if I find out I’m wrong (that he didn’t marry Elizabeth Cann) . If anyone knows who Edward married and if it was Elizabeth Cann or not I would be very grateful.
    Moira Mckeown

    Wow! I can’t believe I found this site, so many memories have come flooding back. I used to drink in the Talbot 1973 to 1977 a great pub with some great characters! Left the area in 1977 and now live near Leeds haven’t been back to Stockton for over 10 years. I also used to drink in the Dovecot on Dovecot Street – is it still there? I remember going to Inn Cognito’s and the disco in the Swallow Hotel. The Penny Black in Hartburn was another favourite haunt as well as the Stockton Arms and the Fairfield – happy days!
    Sue Dyson nee Carr

    These comments are absolutely magical. I now live in Guernsey as does my sister Liz and the Talbot was our local in the 1970s along with the Castle and Anchor then finishing the night off at the Cog or Titos. Used to go round with Julie Smith, Carol Preston, Ben Casey and then there was Danny Smith (what a charmer he was in those days ha!) Afghans and Taboo perfume thinking we were the best things since sliced bread and butter. Bottles of Special Brew, Newkie Brown – Hello to everybody who used to go there and may remember us, Maureen & Liz Iverson
    Maureen Gosney

    Just stumbled on this and the memories of “the pit” just flooded back. The mural on the wall was a massive picture of Stonehenge. Names spring readily to mind: Shorty, Panda, Tez, Noss, Bri the Spy, Harry the horseblanket, Eric the fis,h Barry the brome. Oh to be back there for just one more night!
    Col Whaley


    • Hi Col, not heard from you in such a long time. Remember talking with you chatting music and drinking ale for many an hour back in the day. Our band (Millennium) played at The Pit as often as we could as we loved the atmosphere so much. Bob Saint painted the murals downstairs and was part of the crew who we frequented the place with. Happy daze!


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