4 thoughts on “Esso – Yarm High Street

  1. I have been looking for the house my Grandmother was born in (1889) It was No 9 High Street. I looked yesterday April 16th 2014 and it only went down to No 15. Next to that was a small piece of waste land, then Bentley Wynd. Then the old site of the garage. According to the census she lived in a twelve room house. Their name was Honeyman not Dobson. I cannot see where the house could have been. I live in the Midlands now and was visiting my childhood. The cottage she lived in when married was in Adam’s Yard but that cottage has been knocked down a lot of years ago. Just disappointed I could not find the house or work out where it was. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it.


  2. Just put a piece on regarding Victoria Garage, as being ‘the town centre petrol station’ , quite forgetting about Matty Dobsons’ lone-pump at the other end of the High St opposite the RC Church.


  3. The building in the photo was Matty Dobsons garage…at the rear was his workshop. Most of the site was demolished and sold on and became Rowleys tire and exhausts, it was then sold to Derek Campbell all so tire and exhausts. It has now been sold on and levelled and is a building plot.


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