Norton Oriental Refreshment Bungalow

t12711This tearoom situated on the junction of South Road and Billingham Road was known locally as ‘Norton Oriental Refreshment Bungalow’. I believe it to have been built c1890s and was destroyed by a fire in 1907. This tearoom style bungalow was one of two in Norton , it became a popular meeting place for the growing middle classes. I just wish someone could have told us some wonderful stories about this tearoom…

Image and details courtesy of Derek Buttle.

7 thoughts on “Norton Oriental Refreshment Bungalow

  1. Derek – I didn’t know there were TWO tea bungalows within such close proximity – one near the TOP of ‘Tanners Bank’ and the other at the bottom. I told my grown up kids about it, and I’m not sure they believed me, it seems so tame by todays standards. I grew up in Roseberry Road, Norton and as a 14 yr old, delivered newspapers along Beaconsfield Road – very few girls did it then in the late 50’s. I had to stop when I started at ‘Billy tech’ as I couldn’t get to the shop in time. I can’t remember it – when was it demolished? (The lower one?) I can’t remember it at all – Mandy Wood


    • I do remember it only as being a store place. The 2 houses at the bottom of Beaconsfield Road were built on that site when it was taken down and the man responsible for that lived in one of them. I think his name was Whorlton and he had a car sales place where the big house next to the Hotel and opposite where the Newlands pub was. I was born in 1937 so it was well after that the the Tea Room was dismantled.


  2. Yes Anon it was Bishopton Lane and Alma Street was where the British Restaurant was located St Johns Hall, I ate lunch there for two years as an apprentice so I knew the area. At my age what with Bishopton Road, Bishopton Road west, Bishopton Lane I sometimes have to stop and think where I am.
    Behind Bishopton Lane there is practically nothing left I remember, I had some good mates around the Gas House area and we used the pubs The Bone and others all gone now like the people I knew. The site relies on people like you and I plus the many others who still hold a memory of those past times, we may make the odd slip but who is perfect…


    • Some of the other pubs in the Gas House area were the Gas Hotel, Gladstone, Royal Albert, D.L.I Club, Commercial, Turks Head and the Board Inn.


  3. The other bungalow was at the bottom of Beaconsfield Road on Billingham Road. Arrowsmiths used it as a storeroom for years and being intrigued by the ornate building asked my Mother what it was. She told me it had been a tea room and once a popular place to meet. I have memory of one at Ormesby we would walk to it from North Ormesby for an ice cream as a young lad I needed one after the long walk, at least we got the bus back. That would be in the 1930’s although the Norton one had fallen out of use before my time. It stood until well after the war when Arrowsmith moved to his Bishopton Road shop and was then demolished for housing.
    So many things gone, I was telling my Grandchildren how we ice skated on the water meadows at Billingham Bottoms in winter oposite the bungalow, they would flood to around three inches then freeze, out would come the clip on skates and half of Norton would be down there enjoying it all.


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