Hardwick Secondary Modern – October 1966


Hardwick Secondary Modern – Back row (l-r) Alan Jones, Clifford Heals, Robin Godfrey, Malcom Brown, Barry Huggins, Ian Johnstone, Brian Meek, Leslie Plumber, Keith Jones, Raymond Phillips.  2nd row (l-r) Paul Young, Colin Jones, David Brown, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Eric Chillmaid, Keith Goldsbrough, John Moore. Front row (l-r) ??, Janet Holmes, ??, ? Riley, Miss Braithwaite, Elizabeth Smith, Carrol Pearce, ? Westwood and ? McIntosh. Maybe someone can help with the names I can’t recall…

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcom Brown.

30 thoughts on “Hardwick Secondary Modern – October 1966

  1. I look at the many names on here and it brings back memories of many of you when I taught at Harrow Gate School in fact many who were in my class! I hope you are all enjoying life to the full.

  2. Hi everyone I think the girl fourth from the right next to the teacher is Susan Bassford. There was also a Susan Littlewood
    And if I’m not mistaken Fifth from the left is me.
    I also lived in Piper Knowle Road next door to Janice Crook on one side and Carol Niel and Ian Hamilton on the other side.
    Can anyone remember a boy called John Love?

  3. Its Eric Chillmaid not Chillburn, he was one of my friends. I left to joint the RAF and now live in Cambridge

    I am not in the Photo but this was my year and I know all of these names even if the faces are a little blurred in my memory


    Paul Rawlinson

  4. Hi I’m Janet Holmes, I wonder what happened to some of you – Ray Philips, do you remember Graham Poole..? I use to see him, and still see Les Plummer, Ann Mcgregor was my best friend, we are still in touch. Alan Jones dad and mine were good mates. I’m in contact with Keith Goldsbrough via facebook. Did anyone know Paul Young passed away ?

    • Hi Janet – My sister and brother often remember your dad and our dad lodging in the Falcon?? I’m currently working in Sierra Leone. Moved to London 12 years for work and been there ever since.
      I had heard Paul passed away. Hope you and your family are well. Alan

      • Hi Alan – I still see Maureen about, she was a credit to your dad, looking after him all those years. My dad loved the Falcon and the football of course I miss so much still can’t believe he’s not here. I often see Brian Pitt in Sainsburys. I work in a residential home in Fairfield and last year Mrs Pybus was in, remember them? All happy memories, take care Janet.

      • Hi Alan hope you are well. If you want to keep in touch, ask Picture Stockton for my email address. Our school reunion is coming up in July , I realise the distance but thought I’d mention it . Take care Janet x

    • Hey. I’ve just looked at this page today and can’t believe how I still recognise most of the faces. I’m sure its me – Graham Poole – not cliff heals – second from the left on the back row. I’m on Facebook as Greg W Poole (nick name for donkeys years) would love to hear from any of you. I was trying to locate Doreen Tippey as was. So sorry to hear of Paul Young’s passing.

  5. Top row – Clifford Healey, next row Ann Watts, Kendra Lambert, Shiela Saysell, Elaine Irth, Eric Chillburn, Linda Duffy, Janet Holmes, Doreen Hall, Marilyn Riley and its Margaret Pearce (not Carol), Cheryl Westwood, Ann McGregor, I think thats ok .. from Margaret Pearce

  6. Putting a slightly older face on both Alan Jones and Barry Huggins, I think on leaving school they both went to work on the Glebe Estate for Fordy’s building company. Alan worked in the office and Barry was employed as apprentice bricklayer. I believe they both lived close to or on the Hardwick Estate.

  7. The Barry Huggins 5th left top row, did he live off Durham Road opposite the Fever Hosp? If so he emigrated to Australia, was a scuba diver and went onto be a river pilot before captaining private yachts in Australia, America and the Caribbean .

    • Bob if I’m not mistaken Barry Huggins lived in the now demolished Whessoe Walk which was behind English Martyrs church (which is also demolished).

      • Barry Huggins now lives in Germany. He was our best-man and our daughter’s godfather. I remember Alan Jones but wouldn’t have a clue as to his whereabouts. Yes Barry lived in Whessoe walk, and was best friends with my hubby, John Thomas.

      • Keith jones is Keith Brown. Next to David Brown is Ann Watt – Kendra Lambert. Front row is first girl is Linda Duffy. Next to Margret Pearson is Sheryl Westwood then Anne Mcgregor. Alan Jones from Dawdon Close currently is working in Sierra Leone.

    • The girl with the long blonde hair sitting fourth from the left in the front row is my sister in law Marilyn Riley, now Walker.

    • Raymond Phillips… did you live in Piperknowle road? I think you may have been a neighbour. I used to be Carole Mccourt…41 years ago, as we recently had our 41 wedding anniversary. I am married to John Thomas
      who would have been in your year at school, we have been in Sydney Australia since 1976.

      • Hi Carol, I don’t know if you remember me, Catherine Jeal, I lived 4 doors from you on Piper Knowle Rd when we were at school. We lived next door to Raymond Phillips.

    • Raymond philips – I always wondered what happened to you, do you remember me? My friend was Ann Mcgregor and we are still in touch, I still see a lot of the class, do you remember Dave Llewellyn ? I went out with him after we all left school. Hope you are well , Janet.

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