4 thoughts on “ICI Billingham

    • The book is still available . Try your local WH Smith’s and I’m pretty sure that the Stockton library service were selling it at one time and perhaps even the shop at Preston Hall Museum ?
      Sad to say , most of the local independant book shops have now closed !


  1. The Stockton section in the “Britain from Above” aerial pictures, shows numerous pictures of ICI from the air, which are a real help in locating the whereabouts of the various facilities at Billingham.


  2. The same photograph appears in the book ‘Life at the ICI’ and is captioned “Nitrates Avenue in the 1950’s with the Process Offices…..” . From my own experience of North Site this is a view to the west with Chiltern Avenue and Billingham Green behind the Nitro-Chalk tower , the tall white building in the rear , and then Stockton itself in the far distance . Those were the original Process Offices and were replaced probably late 1960’s with the more modern and taller New Process Offices which also incorporated the Medical Centre. The Nitrates Avenue pipebridge runs through the centre of the photograph and to the left would be Oil and Products Works and to the right was Ammonia Works .
    I’m sure Frank and Fred can add more ?


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