Yarm Lane, Stockton c1900s

S1111 t14860A view of Yarm Lane looking towards the Empire Theatre which once stood on the corner of Bridge Road and Stockton High Street. We believe the large building on the left still stands today.


This photograph was sent in to us by Keith Stephens and shows the large building mentioned in the above photograph which is still standing today on Yarm Lane.


21 thoughts on “Yarm Lane, Stockton c1900s

  1. In the late 1890’s to the beginning of the Great War my mothers family used to own the property at 4, Yarm Lane. They were confectioners and I believe the shop to have been called the Chocolate Box or Cabin. It was peculiar since one of my GG uncles also used it as a barbers shop until he moved to Middlesbrough. He was remarkable because he had lost virtually all the use in his left arm due to polio. This is no wind up, his name was William Armstrong! Henderson


    • Yep, I used to work in an Architect’s office which was on the 1st and 2nd floors of the right hand end of that large building on the left, I was there between 1986 and 1988. I think part of the upper floors became a photographic studio for a time after that, not sure what’s there now


  2. Jonathan is correct there was a Theatre further along yarm lane.The name Jockers came about because a lot of the jockeys used to drink there when Stockton had a racecourse.
    There was also a school next to the theatre pretty much where the little roundabout is now maybe opposite Borges.
    I’m not old enough to remember this I am just going off my old maps of Stockton. Can anyone remember the school and what was it called?


  3. Jockers, The Theatre – wasn’t it named the Theatre because of actors using it as a watering hole and somewhere to stay? I think the actual theatre was somewhere near Silver street and people couldn’t understand the connection because of the distance apart.


    • As mentioned by Frank, the Theatre Royal (later Masion de Danse) was not far away, just a bit further along Yarm Lane, towards Holy Trinity. I think it was just about where the snooker and pool hall is, next to the roundabout.


  4. McAdam and Liversidge’s Garage? A quick check reveals that the unusual name Liversidge is still present in the Stockton area. I wonder if the ‘McAdam’ partner went on to build the rather up-market ‘McAdam’s’ car-showroom/workshops in the late 1930’s, which stood on the corner of Kensington Road/Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough near to the main Albert Park entrance. An art-deco style building, which once had a very expansive luxury-apartment above in which the McAdam family resided for several years.


    • I knew an Alan Liveridge, an apprentice draughtsman in one of the the structural drawing offices at the Malleable back in 1964. Are you out there Alan?


  5. I believe that the clock on the right was over Bells Sports in the 1950’s and later a gym. It probably disappeared when the corner was redeveloped in the 1990’s? Is it in Preston Park stores I wonder?
    I don’t recall seeing the large building on the left but there again…


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