Yarm High Street c1860

t5397Yarm High Street possibly viewed from the Town Hall, if the shadow at the bottom is any indication… The buildings haven’t changed too much over the last century or so as the building archways can still be seen in Yarm today. c1860

One thought on “Yarm High Street c1860

  1. Judging by the shadow being cast by the Yarm Townhouse, this photograph looks like it was taken in the summer at around mid-day. The sun would rise on the right-hand of the photograph (east) and as can be seen, the house, or shop on the left-hand side (west) of the High St still has it’s windows draped in canvas, possibly to protect displayed goods/ furnishings from heat or sunlight during the morning.

    It is interesting to note, that at sometime shortly after the date of this photograph, that same building was demolished and cleverly extended in the same style of the bay-windowed property next door, (complete with bay window and a matching roof mounted dormer window) to become one property. Currently dubbed, on a brass plaque, ‘The Manor House’ it is now a firm of solicitors offices.

    A quick look down the cul-de-sac’d alleyway next to this property, will reveal a wall mounted sundial dated 1715. This was obviously once on the original rear extension to the taller bay-windowed property. By increasing the height of the ‘new’ 19th.C. structure, the sundial thereafter remains in shadow during much of the morning.


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