River Tees, Yarm

t10775Adults and children watch as a rowing scull is lowered into the water. Unfortunately we are not quite sure of the location, but our guess is by the Skinnery, Atlas Wynd on the banks of the River Tees, Yarm… early 1900s.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Denton.

People enjoying the river at Yarm on River funSunday afternoon, as part of the 2016 Yarm Gala.  Amazing how the dress-code has changed, but people are still fascinated (over 100 yrs later) at people ‘messing about in boats’, in exactly the same place!

The actual location is at the foot of Chapel Yard, the crowds of people

(in both) are shown stretched between Silver Street & Atlas Wynd.

Courtesy of Chris Bailey.



4 thoughts on “River Tees, Yarm

  1. An intriguing photo – the boat would appear to be a single scull (one person with two oars), At that time there would have been at least 3 rowing clubs on the River Tees. Middlesbrough Amateur Boating Club, Tees Amateur Boating Club (at Stockton) and Stockton and Thornaby Rowing Club – a club for professional rowers as opposed to amateurs. I have no record of a rowing club at Yarm but Tees ABC annually held what they termed their “Yarm Fours”, presumably a club regatta, at Yarm in the years before the First World War. It may be that this event also included races in single sculling boats. From a rowers point of view the position of the boat in the photo is odd in that it would normally have been launched sideways in to the river rather than end on. Rowing and regattas have a long association with Yarm and for most of the 20th century The Black Bull pub was the base for competitors at these events and the host club brought their boats up from Stockton and stored them for the weekend in one of the skinnery buildings. Tees ABC which morphed into the present Tees Rowing Club, is still based at Stockton and next year celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding. If your contributor Mrs Denton – or anyone else – has any more similar artifacts we would be very interested in hearing from you. Chris Kenyon – Archivist, Tees Rowing Club.


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