Norton Board School

t13418 t13419The first photograph is of the Nursery School that ran by the side of Tanners Bank, taken c1963. The second photograph is taken in the school garden at the back of the bottom class room c1968, it was possibly Mrs Pounds class. Most of the names escape me, but I am sure some of the people who have written in regarding Norton Board would be able to fill in the blanks…

Photographs and details courtesy of David Wilson.

12 thoughts on “Norton Board School

  1. I attended the nursery school in 1973, I have lovely memories but cannot sadly remember the teachers name, she was lovely, the school was lovely too, shame it was demolished.


    • Dorothy Fairhurst was one and the other a tallish fair haired woman called Dorothy I think but can’t remember her surname. She lived down Derwent Street bank.


  2. This was the year above me but I went on to serve an apprenticeship at Whessoe with Geoff Walker “back row second from left” and I believe Dave Sergeant is “back row first on the left”


    • Hi Terry, You lived next door to us in Renfrew Road (Margaret, Bill and kids Geoff, Avril, Robin and Neil). You turned me on to Steely Dan when I was 13 or so. I still visit my Mam there (same house) and wander around Norton remembering how it was 40’odd years ago!


  3. Well that was a surprise to see myself at the top of the climbing frame. I do remember it. I can also recall Mrs (or was it Miss?) Jackson, and that my coat hook was symbolized with the illustration of a ship. I’m sorry that I can’t identify anyone else in either of the pictures. Happy days. Mostly…


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