12 thoughts on “Frankie Vaughan at the Globe, 1961

  1. I wonder if the guest star – Hetty King – on the Frankie Vaughan Show was Music hall male impersonator Hetty King. If it was the same person she would have been 78!!!


  2. Talking about meeting famous people especially famous singers. years later than the meeting with Frankie Vaughan I as on a business trip to Perth Western Australia, from my home in Melbourne Victoria, and the Receptionist at my Hotel in Perth informed me that my next door neighbour in the Hotel was Matt Monroe who was appearing in the local theatre. I thought I would try to have a word with him if the opportunity presented itself. To my dismay I was told the next day that Matt Monroe had taken ill on stage the night before and had been rushed to the airport for a flight back to England to treat his heart attack. I could not believe that anyone would try to fly back to England in such a dangerous health situation. The people who made that decision obviously did not appreciate the World class facilities we had in Australia to manage such a situation. Australia is a leading World country for heart operations and the treatment of Heart conditons such as Transplants and Bi pass operations etc. I have often wondered if Matt Monroe had stayed in Australia for treatment on that fateful day whether he would still be entertaining us today.


    • Benny, not sure which Matt Monroe you are referring to with the heart attack in Perth at the hotel you were staying at, as he died of liver cancer in 1985 at Cromwell Hospital London. His son Mitchel died 2004 also of cancer. The last show “Live in Oz” he did was at Twin Towns 9th September 1984 at Tweed Heads on the border NSW and QLD, I live just down the road, and he died some five months later. He may very well of had a heart attack but that’s not what killed him. He went home to die!


      • Terry Garbutt are you the Terry Garbutt who worked at Ashmores, a very good footballer and cricketer as I remember him? As for Matt Monroe dying on his return to England my information came from the Receptionist at the Hotel later in the week after she had informed me about his heart attack. I admit I never followed up and checked what she had told me, and you may be correct in what you say Terry I was not one for keeping up with the show business news more the sporting news. If you are the Terry Garbutt of my sporting recollections, nice to hear from you, and keep on posting.


  3. My dad Thomas Henry Martin (Tommy) was a stage hand at the Globe Theatre when Frankie Vaughn was appearing there. The story in the family is always that when my dad took me backstage to meet him he tapped me on the bum with his walking stick. I do not remember any of this but I don’t think he would lie. We also loaned our record player to Frank Ifield when he appeared there. He sent us six single records as a thank you. One of them was his own “I Remember You ooo”.


  4. Talking about Frankie Vaughan at the Globe brings back memories of the night two mates and myself where having a Stranton’s Beer in the Cocktail lounge of the Metropole Hotel about 1954 or there abouts, and two young men were sitting at the bar with us. One of these young men asked us if we were going to the Globe to see the Variety show, as his mate was in the show , so we asked what his mate’s name was, Frankie Vaughan was the reply (we had never heard of him), but politely asked the other young man who he was. He told us he was Bill Maynard a comedian (never heard of him either). We said we would try and see the show but never did. Seeing that these two became household names in later life, I now appreciate meeting these stars but at the time they were not very famous.


      • Frankie Abelson got his professional name through his Russian Jewish grandmother pronouncing her number one grandson as number Vaughan, he was born in Liverpool in 1928 & died at the age of seventy-one in Oxford.


    • Terry Garbutt you are obviously correct in your statement that Frankie Vaughan appeared at the Globe in 1961, but as the programme shows he was the star attraction in the 1961 performance, where as when i met him in the Metropole Hotel about 1954 he was bottom of the bill with Bill Maynard. I say about 1954 as i remember it was just before I went to do my National service in 1956.


  5. Memories, memories, eh? I notice the billing for Terry O’Neil ‘Popular Personality of Tyne Tees Television’. I remember watching him present the Newcastle based TV station’s own, ‘One O’clock Show’ being broadcast ‘live’ in front of a regional studio audience, this whilst I was at home at lunch-time from school each day aged about 13 or 14. The jaunty and charismatic Mr O’Neil would now be referred to as a ‘media celebrity’

    After the broadcast, I believe Tyne-Tees TV then closed down until around 5pm, when children’s programmes began the evening’s entertainment. This then finished at around 10.45 /11.00pm with a 5-minute religious insert entitled ‘The Epilogue,’ during which a local churchman, or other representative of the Christian faith, gave an ‘uplifting’ talk to camera whilst seated in an armchair.


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