3 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer

  1. Don’t forget it’s the end of an era on Saturday as the Stockton branch of Marks & Spencer will close it’s doors for the last time . A cornerstone shop of most high streets throughout England and now sadly fewer in number and one less from 5:30PM on Saturday .
    Get your underwear , socks and battenberg cake while you still can !


  2. Some Marks and Spencer history books suggest he landed at Hartlepool. See comments on Picture Stockton under title Marks and Spencer, Stockton for early history of Stockton shops.


  3. My favourite store and company. In the Marks and Spencers literature archives there is reference to the fact that Mr Michael Marks the founder of Marks & Spencers may have arrived by ship in England from Slonim, Poland (today Lithuania) he may have arrived and disembarked at Stockton on Tees docks? What is known is that he travelled to Leeds. on arrival he went looking for work as a trainee-tailor in a firm called Barrans the Tailors, and stopped a passerby called a Mr Isaac Dewhirst, a Leeds wholesaler, to ask him for directions to Barrans. During this conversation the passerby advised the young Mr Marks “not to bother with tailoring, and to take a stall on Leeds market and go into business for himself”, or words to that effect. Even better he offered Michael a £5.00 loan to get started and loaned him is initial start up stock. Who would ever think a £5,00 note would lead on to such dizzying business success. Michael Marks was a former Stockton market stallholder evidenced by the fact that some years later he met his future wife in Stockton.


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