St John’s RC School, Billingham c1962

t13763A photograph of St John’s RC School in Billingham. I am on the front row, first from the right – Cathy Wells.

From left to right: Leslie Mains, Michael Lakey, Alan Thompson, Kevin Sanderson, Des Cain, Paul Becks, William Greer, Brian Higgins, Peter Walsh, David Edwards and Gerald McCue.

Tony Gosney, Liam Kelly, Eddie Fields, Peter Coombe, Tony O’Connell, Paul McPartland, Jim McCormack, Gerald Smythe, John Black, Pete Horan, Hughie Armstrong and Phil Gillespie.

Marie Donaldson, Nina Hunter, Marie?, Ellen Yates, Pauline Madison, Mary Kearney, Miss Sleighthouse, Sheila Hogg, Jennifer Harrison, Christine McGurk, Susan Tulip and Marie Thompson.

Christine Buckley, Christine Johnstone, Margaret Brown, Maureen Hogan, Marie Deary, Maureen McKenna, Alma Cushley and Cathy Wells.

Photograph and details courtesy of Catherine Harris nee Wells.

9 thoughts on “St John’s RC School, Billingham c1962

  1. Hi Cath and Eric how you guys doing? Just stumbled on this blog. Sue Harrison here, I am not in this photograph went to St.Johns then Holy Rosary than back to St.Johns and then St.Michaels. We were best buddies Cath together with Sue Tulip so sad to hear about her passing. We went on gigs together you, Eric, me John Rhodes they were in the Apaches at the time. Would love to catch up with you both. Would also love to chat with Mike Rowe if he reads this, so much to talk about. I have lived in Antwerp, Belgium since 1974 but do get back sometimes. I remember all the names you mentioned in the photograph Cath. Hope to hear from you, Sue x


    • Hi Sue, lovely to hear from you, just looked at site today, always wondered how you were getting on, time flies so quickly. Would love to see you all, your family all grown up, got lots to talk about. Luv to all Cath @ Eric xxx


  2. So sorry to hear that Susan Tulip had passed away. Sitting next to me is Anne Marron, and it is Margaret, not Mary Kearney. I am in contact with Pauline Madderson and Sheila Hogg.
    Ellen Yates


  3. I am trying to find information on a James William Higgins born around 1925 and lived at 4 Oak Street, Haverton Hill, Billingham, Durham. Believe he was in the Royal Navy and may have gone to Canada. Any information about the Higgins family would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Hi Cathy,

    Hope you and Eric are well.
    In 1962 I will have been in the last year at Billingham North Junior School and can clearly remember the football matches against St Johns and the cup final at the Synners Ground. Sorry to say we won. In this regard some of the lads names ring bells. Ditto with some of the girls in later years. I imagine you must have wrote all the names on the original photo otherwise that is some memory recall…Mike Rowe


    • Hi mike, nice to hear from you,we are both well just got back from holiday.are you still living in eaglescliffe,how’s jackie and family? It was very sad to hear about sue, we had been best friends all through school then lost touch,never got to see her. How is your Linda never seen her for years? Keep in touch Cathy x


      • Hi Cathy and Eric,
        Thanks for replying. Jackie and family (all grown ups now) are all well thank you. We have a family business that keeps us very close. We moved from Eaglescliffe about 25-yrs ago to Red House Farm opposite Preston Park through Moorhouse Estate. We love it here. The Rowe family was gathered 2-weeks ago for the funeral of elder brothers wife. Linda was there and has not changed a bit. She can talk for England…still lives in Shepperton and has a great cockney accent!! I am getting close to packing in work (oil business in Aberdeen) and plan to spend many hours in my music studio at home. What is the sad news about Sue? Is this Sue Tulip and has she passed? Good health, Mike


      • Hi mike, Sue tulip died two years ago,we lost touch so never got to see her,breast cancer,
        Life is too short , make the most of it and enjoy yourself,take care. Cath & eric x


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