4 thoughts on “The Lord Nelson c1985

  1. I believe my grandparents, Nicholas Dillon who was married to Mary (nee Cunningham), were Steward/Licensee’s of the Lord Nelson in years past. I wondered if anyone remembers the dates/years my grandparents were Licensee’s? Any other information about them and the pub would also be appreciated, thanks.


  2. I often went in the Lord Nelson before the war, my Mother was a friend of Kitty Hardy?? Who married a Pattinson. Am I right in that? If so they moved to London and lived in New Park Road, Brixton when it was quite a posh area. I went down and stayed with them in 1945 when I had an operation. They had two daughters about my age one called Eileen, I cannot remember the younger one. I also spent several leaves there when I was stationed at Aldershot then we lost touch although I am sure my mother wrote until she died. Does any of this ring bells? Frank or (Philip as they knew me)
    Frank P Mee

    Frank you have my memory creaking along now. My Dad had 2 sisters Cecilia the eldest and then Dad and the youngest I just cannot remember but she did marry Alec Addison ?? And moved down to live in council flats not too far from where my parents lived in Poynders Road, Clapham. That Aunt did have 2 girls the eldest was Eileen and Beryl I remember the youngest. I think you have the name of the Road wrong New Park and Brixton were some distance away I reckon if it wasn’t Clapham – Poynders Road it may have been Streatham…
    John C Hardy

    You are right John I found an old diary of mothers and it was Cissy not Kitty and it was of course Addison who she called Charley and I always called Uncle Charley. He took me on tours around London when I was down there to Petticoat Lane and various other places. Eileen and Beryl were around my age Beryl being the younger. Mother was in touch with them for many years. I am sure that Cissy and Mother must have worked together before marriage and I know that mum worked as a cook to some people called Volkers in Norton High Street they were Austrian and were over here at Bruna Mond (ICI) which back then was being transformed into what it became. When we did visit the Lord Nelson I was always intrigued by the bar beer pumps which gleamed all brass in those days. When I first went to their place in London after a bad operation at Stockton and Thornaby Hospital I had to find my own way and it was New Park Road as far as memory goes. I did go to the Streatham Locarno with Eileen which was just down the road a bit. Dancing was my life then and to dance in such a wonderful place remains forever fresh in my memory. On some of my leaves when I stayed with them it was the Hammersmith Palais and the Nuffield Club for forces where at Sunday afternoon tea dances a lot of the show girls would be there I danced with one or two who became well known later in films. I often wondered what became of Eileen and Beryl over the years but we had lost touch.
    Frank P Mee

    My Grandfather John James Hardy was the Licensee of the Lord Nelson, Bath Lane, Stockton-on-Tees; on his death his wife took over Lillian Hardy (nee Postgate). I can remember cattle being driven down the street to the market in the early 1940’s. They had 3 children my father being “Jack” John George Hardy. Any information would be interesting.
    John C Hardy

    A great pub known colloquially as “The One Eyed Man” Had many a pint there before hitting the town pubs.
    Keith Roberts

    I was in the lord Nelson last year after being refused entry in a bar just down Norton Road (running shoes and jeans) I sat and watched a football game on the TV and at half time the landlord had pizza and french fries brought in for the patrons in the bar at no cost. I will spend my time and money there next visit. They were very good bar staff and very friendly.
    Bill Davies

    I worked in Stockton 1974-1976 and played darts for the Lord Nelson. During that time Ernie Temple was the gaffer (ex Lords Mayor) his son Peter ran the darts teams. Had a great two years – Graham Hodgson, Dave Skipp, John Derbyshire, little Alfie Bill, Les and all the rest were great, great people, I’ll always remember them. Mark Smith The Wolves.
    Mark Smith


    • Hi
      I played for the ladies darts team when Peter was running it after his dad Ernie. I had great times there and wondered if anyone new David brownless an a guy called Richie. I would be grateful if anyone could help. Thanks. Lesley


      • Ernie was my Grandad and Peter is my dad. Very sad to walk past today to see it completely demolished. I remember being in there as a child


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