Grangefield Grammar (Girls) School c1960/62

t14245My wife of 47 years, Barbara Taylor, is on the left end of the top row’. In front of her is Pauline Staples. Carole Hitchcock is in the centre of the back row. Joyce Latham (now sadly deceased) is at the right hand end of the second row. To the right of the teacher is Janet Tucker. Does anyone recognise anyone else?

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Callender.

9 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar (Girls) School c1960/62

  1. Sad to hear about Joyce, I was very good friends with John Smith. Played rugby with you for quite a few years wth you Alan. You may remember I bumped into you in the mid 70s in Mold. I married Janet Tucker and we now live in Matlock. Next to Janet is Sybyl Smith then Carol Booth. Cheers Hunter Wilkinson


  2. Albeit I recognise some of the faces sorry unable to name them (being a few years older) I had already left Grangefield.One I am sure of is back row third in on the left Pat Arnold.The teacher looks to me like Ruth Johnson,she taught biology.


  3. Alan, Wasn’t Joyce Lathan married to John Smith?, she was the younger sister of Ray Lathan who was a fitter in Head Wrightsons Fitting Shop, Thornaby.


    • Sad to hear about Joyce.I was good friends with John Smith.I married Janet a Tucker and we now live in Matlock. If you remember Alan we bumped into you in Mold in the mid 70s. Girl next to Janet is Sybyl Smith then Carol Booth.


      • Hunter good to hear from you after so many years. Barbara remembers Janet and sends her regards. I have not met up with John Smith for many years but I get news of him via a cousin of mine who lives in Long Newton. Also Garth Flack who was at Grangefield reports that John lives near to him in Yarm and has a caravan next to him in Weardale. We have lived in Cumbria near to Whitehaven for 40+ years.


        • Donny Heath, the ex-Norwich City & Swindon Town player, Stuart White & myself played alongside Hunter & his brother Dave to win a Stockton five a side football tournament at Newham Grange Park.


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