Bishop Street, Stockton c1960s

t14268Bishop Street, Stockton – a large warehouse with the words ‘Always ask for Hall-mark foods’ can be seen on the roof. The large building in the distance is the Plaza Theatre, it was demolished c1969.

Photograph by Len Toulson, courtesy of Neal Toulson.

4 thoughts on “Bishop Street, Stockton c1960s

  1. The Plaza! It had a reputation as a bit of a “flea pit” by the end of it’s life.
    My father used to say “Go in with a pullover, come out with a jumper”


  2. In the late 1950s, on the north side of Silver Street or Bishop Street, there was a shop that had replicas of the crown jewels on display in its window. I was told by the proprietor that he had made them. Does anyone know where they are now and where the shop was?


  3. Hi Has Neal got anymore of Bishop Street from early 60’s..Dad Robert (BOB) Bailey had TV ariel shop there. Looking for photos that might show it.


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