Community Archaeology at Egglescliffe Village

The archaeological dig organised by Tees Archaeology in and around Egglescliffe village. This is part of the River Tees Rediscovered project. Residents carried out a building recording project in May. This will be followed by a test pit excavation between the 13th and 16th July with the aim of recovering information about the medieval settlement at Egglescliffe and also English Civil War Activity. The results so far are a lot of medieval pottery shards, especially Tees Valley ware. Two flints from a flintlock firearm and evidence of medieval structures.

Photograph 1: Dave Errickson, Teesside University PhD Researcher working with Tees Archaeology, (front right). Adam Mead Uni Durham Archaeologist (rear right), Photograph 2: A view across Smith’s farm toward the old farmhouse, about to be renovated.
Photograph 3: Trench in the back garden of Mr & Mrs Merrits house. Lorraine Watkinson Archaeologist (front right,) Robin Daniels Archaeology Officer Tees Archaeology (centre) Lauren Walker, volunteer (rear).
Photograph 4: Back garden of ‘Kirklands’ Gordon Ford (volunteer), Arlene Ellis.
Photograph 5: Back garden ‘White House’ Robin Daniels explains an interesting find to volunteers and residents. Left clockwise: Gordon Ford, Robin Daniels, Paul Boden (volunteer), ?, ?, Dave Blakey (Dunelm Metal Detectors), Dave Errickson, ?.

Photographs and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner.

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