Motor Showroom, The Square, Stockton

t14298We believe this is Murray and Charleton’s motor showroom and workshop on The Square, Stockton. The old Remploy building can be seen behind the petrol pumps c1960s.

Photograph taken by Len Toulson, courtesy of Neal Toulson.

7 thoughts on “Motor Showroom, The Square, Stockton

  1. I am sure this was Murray and Charletons, I remember buying 12 valves there for my Austin 105 which had the straight 6 engine.


  2. Right up until the building closed down as a car facility there were in the upper offices which were not used lots and lots of stuff from previous dealerships, a real treasure-trove, god knows what happened to it all, most thrown out.. Not sure about photos, can’t see that happening, but someone will have them I’d guess


  3. That corner is what later became dutton forshaw jaguar. Where the pumps are used to be the forecourt for used cars. New cars in the show room. The fence over to the right looks over the riverside road.


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