15 thoughts on “Stockton Forge Machine Shop Assembly Bay, Head Wrightson

  1. This can not be Stockton Forge Thornaby as no such place existed.. Stockton Forge was on Norton Road Stockton, on the right hand side coming from Stockton before the Hills Factory on the right hand side of the road..


  2. Michael Fearns you may still be playing football but are you still riding motorcycles? You used to give me a lift back to Roseworth when we were on the same course at Stockton and Billingham Tech. I could repay the favour if you are ever back in the UK as I am still biking.

    Anon – as you have figured out Michael worked at the Forge not Teesdale machine shop.


  3. Started there in March 66 as app fitter turner, girls from the offices walked through the shop to the canteen , crane operator rode on the hook down the shop and we played football outside the back door at lunchtimes , those were the days. On google earth street view the area outside the back door still looks as it did in the sixties. That’s the closest I get here in central Queensland but I still have a game with one of the local football teams at 65.


      • Most of the names escape me ,except for Trevor Briggs , but not the faces and characters ,I went to Redditch and Smiths dock with Trevor , the former taught me to remember the rego number of a hire car and the latter how brave Trevor was to ride pillon on my Triumph in the middle of winter carrying tools and equipment . My current Triumph doesn’t leave the shed if its cloudy .
        I am sure the photo is the Stockton forge shop , with characters such as the fitter who always had a pipe in his mouth but never alight , the one who looked fifteen but was in his thirties and would sneak up and flick your ear , the borers one who would only travel on foot or by bus and the other banned from the bookies for winning too much etc


        • Trevor Briggs is still about living on the Whitehouse Farm Estate, he will be the same age as Benny Brown, one of the foremen at the Forge Machine Shop was Jeff Allen.


  4. It’s got to be either Stocton Forge in Norton Rd or a workshop on the Teesdale Site at Thornaby, it can’t be both. I was a photographer at HW from 1963 until 1968


    • Thornaby at one end were the roller doors with the benches for the fitters on the let. At the other end were the stairs upto the road.


        • The Machine Shop was next to the Fitting Shop & the Tool Room was on the side of the Machine Shop away from the Fitting Shop, the original stairs were in the Machine Shop & when the offices were built in the top of the Fitting Shop complete with a stairs. Is that Benny Harle that has passed away, Bob?, he was a great character who helped a lot of people.
          Cheers Brian I thought I did not recognise Michael Fearns.


          • Havn’t seen Anon. He lived in Redcar. The last time I saw him I was at his house giving him a HW’s book I purchased shortly after the book presentation.


              • Yes Anon that is Benny. A great man and gentleman. He would always be there to help you. RIP Benny. Also was an add by Charlie Pickering who was a life long friend of Benny. He visited him at least twice a week and was there for anything Benny needed. Thanks for letting me know Anon.


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