A Famous Cricket Quartet

t5928The following is an extract from Rambles in Cleveland, by Michael Heaviside…

‘Prince Stockdale, veritably a prince of athletes, Jonathan Joy, a sturdy yeoman, was a grand all-round cricketer. T.W. Hornby was a fine left-hand batsman. Dr W. Richardson, the Doctor, was the moving spirit in the Stockton Cricket Club for a quarter of a century. Seeing that I am in the vicinity of the old Cricket Ground, I will take a short flight to that once charmed region, where, as a boy, I spent many happy days. The charge was 6d and sixpences were not as plentiful as blackberries, however, failing to get inside the next best thing was to gain vantage ground in Huntons brickfield, on the West side. On the North East corner of the field, many of the workmen from Browns Foundry sat on a high wall, with their legs dangling on the opposite corner of the field, Blairs men rushed up for half-an-hour during the dinner hour.’

Photograph reproduced from one in the possession of Mrs Stockdale, the widow of Prince Stockdale, one of the players.

One thought on “A Famous Cricket Quartet

  1. Reading the above, I thought for one moment that I had at last discovered the location of the original Stockton Cricket Field. This I knew to have been in the Portrack area and submitted a query sometime ago, regrettably to no avail. The above article’s description of the ground’s location is confusing. Looking at Godfreys 1898 map my best guess is a rectangular area of land between the Globe Elevator Works and the east end of Major Street.

    Any thought on the topic would be most welcome.


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