Class Photograph, Grangefield Grammar School

t14434Back row (l-r): Chris Hunt, Miranda Peters, Val Fick, Chris Watt, Liz Congdon.
Third from front (l-r): Marg Race, Pam Little, Jean Hart, Maggie Holliday, Lesley Holmes, M Savoury, Sue Maddison, Pam Lyon, Irene Metcalfe (me!)
Second from front (l-r): Marjorie Becket, Jacky ?, Maureen Ross, Sue ? Henderson, Maureen Glencross, Sue Clark, Glenys Neal, Jean Mowbray, Michelle Kemp, Barbara Hogg, Toni Wilkinson.
Front row (l-r): Maggie Davis, Julie Hugill, Marjorie Towler, Chris Spence, Janet Roberts, Katy Watson, Chris Herdman, Chris Rushton, Chris Jones, Pat Armstrong.
I think these names are all correct. I believe the teacher is Mr Downes…

Photograph and details courtesy of Irene Rylander.

16 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Grangefield Grammar School

  1. A big thanks to Picture Stockton, I was able to find classmates from Grangefield Grammar and recently enjoyed a reunion in Stockton with Irene Rylander, Irene Thornton, Chris Jones and Maureen Glencross. It was lovely to feel 16 again.


  2. Does anybody have contact with Julie Hugill?
    She was teaching with me at Stephenson Hall in Billingham in 1971….
    Paul Kennedy


    • Hello Janet, don’t know if you’d remember me, was Pat Armstrong. Left in 1963 to live in Western Australia. I’d love to catch up. Regards Pat Spencer.


  3. Trying to find an old classmate, Miranda Peters who attended Grangefield Grammar. She lived close to the school in Oxbridge Lane, Stockton. Pat Armstrong


  4. I’m searching for old school friends from Grangefield Grammar girls. I left to emigrate to Australia in 1963. I’m looking to catch up with Miranda Peters, Mary Sauvary or any of my classmates.
    I was Pat Armstrong – married name Spencer. I hope to get in touch – Pat


  5. We think that Sue Henderson is right. It should be Sylvia Clark and Jacky kelly.
    Sue Smith (Maddison) and Marian Reed (Jackson)…. I was not in this class.


  6. I remember Mr Brady (RE), Miss Styan (history), Mr Grace (french), Mrs Oliver (science), Mr & Mrs Wood (art & german), Mr Price (latin), Mrs Estruch (science), Miss Dubbin (music), Mr Casson (geography), Mr Nuttall (geography), Miss French (PE) Miss Baird (PE)


  7. Irene, the teacher is not Mr Downes, the music reacher. According to your namesake, the teacher in the photo is Mr Nuttall, who taught geography.


  8. So many of my old school pals in this photo. Lovely to see. Brings back lots of memories but I can’t remember what Mr. Downes taught – English? I remember Mr. Bassett (history), Nuttall (geog), Price (Latin), Miss Dubbin (music), the married couple who taught maths and English. Thanks for posting.


      • Hi Mary remember me? I’m Pat Armstrong, left for Australia in 1963.. I would love to catch up if you are interested. You can get my email address from Picture Stockton. Married name is Spencer. Regards Pat.


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