Nelson Terrace and the Regent Hotel

NT121 NT122The first photograph shows number 23 Nelson Terrace originally built as the offices of the Board of Guardians in 1879 and the building site of Marks and Spencer.

The second photograph is a view of the Regent Hotel which we believe was known locally as the ‘Little Regent’..

Both photographs were taken in August 1975 by Len Toulson. Courtesy of Neal Toulson.

9 thoughts on “Nelson Terrace and the Regent Hotel

  1. A sad photo as my grandmother always went in this pub to meet her friends in the little snug with the entrance in Regent Street. I also went in here for my first pint as it was at the bottom of my street which was Milbank St.


  2. Beverleys Yorkshire beer was brewed in Wakefield. I liked it, did drink it in the Saltersgill Hotel where I was brought up in Middlesbrough. I emigrated to Stockton when I got married in 1969. Now live in the village of Norton, don’t think I will be moving back to the BORO. Linthorpe Rd looks like a war zone, shame really but that is progress. Too many takeaways etc.


  3. I had my very first pint in a public house in the Regent, I was 14/15 years old I think it cost me 1/ 4d, 1 shilling and 4 pence, circa 1970/71


  4. The Regent Hotel on Nelson was known as the Big Regent, The Little Regent was the Regent Inn which was situated on the Marks and Spencer site in the 1950s, it was a Camerons house run by Wilf and Margaret Owen my grandparents


  5. Kenny ‘ Buck’ Jones & I used to nip in here for the odd pint. Beverley’s Yorkshire Bitter, or as the painted gable end has it ‘BYB’


  6. I can remember the M&S site being fenced off, and Littlewoods being extended, but can’t remember the Regent Hotel, interesting to see it here!


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