Newtown Junior Football Team, 1974/75 Season

t14462A photograph showing the Newtown Junior Football Team from the 1974-1975 season. Back Row (L to R): Gordon Patton, Nigel Tooke, Paul Harburn, Martin Dorrell, Colin Ford, Graham Coyne, and Mr Manning.

Front Row (L to R): Kenneth Finlayson, Gary Hammond, Graham Kirk, Paul Hurne, Graham Etherington, Mark Bellerby and Andrew Wanless.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mike Bellerby.

8 thoughts on “Newtown Junior Football Team, 1974/75 Season

  1. Correction to the picture of Newtown Junior Football Team, 1974/75 is the name of the lad on the front row second on the left is George Britton not Gary Hammond as stated.


    • Hi Martin, nice of you to reply. I don’t know when you last saw Mark or know about the health problems he has (too numerous to go into here) but all in all he’s okay. He’s living on Elmtree at the mo and gets by. If you’ve seen him within the last ten years you’ll know what I mean. By the way Twig works at Franks on Portrack Lane. I think we all change a bit in forty years. As for the hair mine has now slipped down and is keeping my back warm.


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