Yarm Lane, Stockton c1967

NT012A view of the Theatre Hotel now Jockers pub and to the left of the photograph is the Empire Theatre. Does anyone know what building once stood on the now empty plot? Yarm Lane, Stockton.

Taken in September 1967 by Len Toulson. Courtesy of Neal Toulson.

29 thoughts on “Yarm Lane, Stockton c1967

  1. Barry’s was on the corner of Yarm Lane and the High Street they sold electrical and bikes my 1939 Christmas present was a Hercules bicycle from there priced at £4/19/6, many kids got big presents that first Christmas of the war.
    The Building next to Barry’s had towers, I always thought it had to do with the Law Courts on Bridge Road, there were shops on the ground floor.
    The Theatre was along from that building and also faced onto Yarm Street, on the other side of Yarm Street on Yarm Lane there were a couple more buildings then the Maison De Dance where I spent quite a bit of my misspent youth, it was next to the Trinity School.
    We passed down Yarm Lane every School day I was at Richard Hind on the school bus so it all became very familiar, then nearly old enough we would have a pint in the Theatre during the interval at the Maison, that pub was always crowded so us too young to drink lads could hide in the crowd.
    Paccito’s had shops both sides of Yarm Lane, the old shop on the same side as Barry’s was where my late wife and I had our first real date, the back room was always packed on Saturday afternoons with us young bloods and our girls, Knicker Bocker Glories and Tutti Fruitti ruled supreme.
    As with all things the area and the people moved on.


  2. Wasn’t the up-market ‘Terrys’ Restaurant & Tea-rooms in that position? The electrical shop mentioned, gave it’s name to the building seen still standing, i.e ‘Barry’s Corner’. It was vacated in the early 1970’s and occupied for a brief period by a large gentleman’s clothing ’boutique’ called ‘Spirit’. After that, the large plate-glass shop windows were infilled and the building was converted into the offices of solicitors Martin L. Cohen.


  3. The Maison was further up Yarm Lane and Uptons was on the corner opposite, next door to that was a chinese restaurant, but I remember where the gap is buying a bike then a couple of motor bikes from a bike shop there, I seem to the recall the name was Fred Winters or something like that, this was in the late fifties early sixties, he used to store some of he’s older motor bikes in a old brewery round the corner in Bridge Road.


  4. Looks like it was the the “Royal London Insurance Company” building as can be seen here
    I guess they occupied the upper floors with several businesses occupying the ground floor units. From Rita’s comment it looks like they also occupied the new building that filled this gap.


    • Here’s a marked up 1951 map with my best guess as to what was where, also includes a cropped 1948 aerial view. http://goo.gl/LShVao

      1914 Trade directory shows:
      No.15 Yarm Lane, Christopher McAdams, Cycle agents & motor engineers
      No.7 Yarm Lane, Giacomo Pacitto, Ice Cream Dealer.
      No.5 Yarm Lane, Daniel Parsons, Confectioner
      No.3 Yarm Lane, Royal London Mutual Insurance Society (Branch)
      (R. Snaith superintendent )
      No.1 Yarm Lane, Arthur Muir, Cycle agent.


  5. Definitely not Uptons – it was on the roughly were Poundland now is. Definitely was the Mason de Dance. Sorry that I can’t offer a picture, but I’m sure that the site must carry a few.


  6. A few weeks ago a photo was put on and I think it was a shop named Barry’s but don’t know what they sold, now building has photoframing shop ground floor ,used to be Leveys when I worked at Royal London Insurance in 1968


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