Riverside Clean Up c1970-80

t14478 t14478aThese two photographs of the River Tees were taken around 1970 and 1980 near to where the Watersports Centre now stands. At that time the embankment which formed the termination of the North Shore Branch of the Clarence Railway was still in existence. The remains of the narrow path which led from Church road and then down past the river towards the Malleable can just be made out.

By 1980, or thereabouts, the big jetty used for unloading supplies or fitting out ships from Ropner’s ship yard had disappeared. Over on the Head Wrightson’s side of the river, it is just possible to make out that a dock gate had been constructed. As has been explained in an earlier blog these were floated down the river and round the coast to where they were needed. In the colour photograph, what was the white, temporary looking building being used for?

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

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