5 thoughts on “Chapman’s garage and staff, Norton Road c1940s

  1. I well remember Chapmans and Rod Proctor who lived next door to us in Ragpath Lane. He was a brilliant mechanic and a real character. Together with his wife Betty they were good neighbours and friends. Lovely to see the photo. it brings back lovely memories.


  2. It was always thus Fred, everything was inside in racks of boxes draws tins you name it though the Staff knew what was where. There was still traffic on the roads, trades vehicles trucks cars and you could not get spares, places like Chapman’s were a Godsend my Dad got lots of bits from there, plugs, springs, Points, Filters and even oil, not everything disappeared. Mr Chapman had a lot of pre-war stock, it came in handy for me too as my first car was a 1939 Vauxhall and Chapman’s could always find the odd nuts and bolts or the bits to keep me on the road.
    My cars got newer though plenty of people could only afford old vehicles so that Garage filled a gap for many years after the war.
    Of course with modern vehicles needing a laptop to fix them and throw away parts that type of garage got lost in time, I was sad to see it go but as I and many others had stopped using them it was always going to happen.


  3. The shop window looks rather bare. Petrol rationing would have had a huge impact on private motoring and one would guess that manufacture of motor car spares would have not been a priority


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