10 thoughts on “Jerry Lee Lewis, Tito’s c1966

  1. I was working at Tito’s and Contessa when Jerry Lee came through. I was a croupier and they would close down the casino during the entertainment and we would work the spotlights for the show so we got to see all the shows… Jerry was great entertainment on and off the stage.
    Ken Howells , do we know each other? I was known as Flint then ?!


  2. Remember the week very well Bill. Think me and Bob Green spent most nights at Tito’s plus a couple over at the Marimba. We met Jerry Lee a couple of times in the dressing room, bottles of whiskey in plenty supply in there. This is the week he agreed to do the interview with me at the Tall Trees Hotel where he was staying. It was a fantastic time for us Jerry Lee fans, never to be forgotten.


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