R.A.O.B. Members c1920’s

t14514This photograph shows the Officials and officers of the R.A.O.B sometime in the 1920’s. My grandfather Thomas Arthur James Metcalfe is 4th from the right. Anyone any ideas as to the correct date? It must be after WW1 because it was the Admiral Jellicoe Lodge.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Graham.

4 thoughts on “R.A.O.B. Members c1920’s

  1. Great photo, looking at it closely I think my Grandfather Arthur Fenny Wright is on the back row fifth from the right. He lived in Clarence Street until he died in 1952. I have a photo of his father dressed in his Buffs regalia which I will look out and and post on the site. Grandad did possess Shares in the Buffs club which was on Norton Road, the entrance was down the alley next to the newspaper shop.


  2. I believe my great grandfather Herbert Mainwaring Devereux was also a member of the ROAB. he died in 1927 which would be about this time. If any one has any info. I would appreciate it.
    PS That’s not Derek Graham from Richard Hind is it?


    • Yes Ian it’s me, have you noticed Fred Starr is also a contributor? As for the photo this came from one of my cousins who had a series of pictures I ‘d never seen before. As for my grandfather he was a publican running the Royal in Dugdale Street, Portrack at this time. I only heard him once refer to the “Buffs”. As for your great grandfather he may be on this photo.


      • Trust you are well Derek. I have a photo of G.G.Grandfather and don’t recognise him in the above photo. I suppose the Buffs are like the Masons and have more than one Lodge.


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