T.J Sowerby Butchers, Billingham est. 1932

Two photographs showing our shops original frontage which we had from 1932 till the 1980s. Stood in the shop doorway and sat on the old carrier bike is Douglas Sowerby seen here in 1932 aged 14. Douglas is the current owners father, and was Tom John Sowerbys younger brother. It has been a family business with different generations of the Sowerby family working there since it opened in 1932, even now in 2015 the Sowerby family still run the shop with the next generation of father and son at the helm.

Photographs and details courtesy of Robert Sowerby.

4 thoughts on “T.J Sowerby Butchers, Billingham est. 1932

  1. Yes Mr Isley my grandad Doug did delivery a meat in a van on roseberry road and my dad helped him in the early 60’s until 1967 when Dougs brother Tommy died and then they stopped delivering an just concentrated on selling produce from the shop.

    My dad remembers Allisons butchers on the next block of shops along the other side of the road and slaughter house well Mr Gargrate, it was indeed and it was at the back over looking the bill ring, we never bought meat from him though as we had various suppliers in stockton and Middlesbrough which had there own large scale council slaughter houses back then. After Allison it became lumleys butcher.

    That’s nice to hear Mrs Anderson, your family will have seen many changes over the years in our shop.


  2. Did Dougy ever deliver meat in a van? I can remember someone called Dougy, delivering sausages to our house in Roseberry Road, in the mid 1950’s


  3. My wife was born in 1936 in Weardale Crescent at Billimgham and she says there was a slaughterhouse at the top of the green behind her home. It was owned by another butcher called Allison or Allinson (?) whose shop was further along Station Road. Did the Sowerys buy their meat from him. I think the the green is now called The Bullring. Were bulls ever baited there?


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