The Atkinson Family?

t14531 t14532This photograph was taken by A & G Taylor’s photographers, (no.6 High Street, Stockton) and we believe it shows the Atkinson family. The matriarch of the family is Mary Atkinson nee Nolan. Can anyone confirm this? I am beginning to research my family tree so any help would be appreciated.

Photograph and details courtesy of Wendy Cawley.

15 thoughts on “The Atkinson Family?

  1. The Atkinson photo we now know that Mary was married in stockton on 14th may 1913 Lewis Edward Atkinson lived at 11 maratine road stockton and Mary Nolan lived at 12 maratine road they were neighbours The witnesses were a Robert Thompson and Mary Atkinson the church was st James and it says parish church on wedding lines the age of the groom was 25 the bride was 22 .


  2. The family I know lived in Alviston Road, Norton this was my grans house Mary Atkinson my grandad was Edward Atkinson they had children Freda – who passed away as a child – Lewis Frederick – Thomas – Robert – Kenneth and Stanley who were twins – Sheila and my mum Eileen my uncle Fred ran a bookmakers from Alviston Road. I Know we had family in Thornaby, mum would talk about aunt Katie I think she may have been a Nolan.


    • The family lived in Norton when I was a child in Alviston Road my gran was Mary married to Edward Atkinson the children were Freda who died as a child Lewis -Frederick -Thomas -Robert -Kenneth Stanley -Sheila -Eileen my uncle Fred was a bookmaker which was run from Alviston Road mam talked of an aunt Katie who lived at Thornaby I think she was a Nolan.

      I am going to sort through census to see if they ever lived there.


  3. There was an Atkinson family who lived in Elliot Street in Portrack. I think that they owned a fish and chip shop in the street. There were two brothers who both went to Richard Hind. The younger brother, John Atkinson, was in my class, starting at Richard Hind in 1953. The family would have left Portrack around 1960 when Elliot Street was demolished.

    It is probably irrelevant, but a man called Atkinson developed an improved version of the internal combustion engine in the late 19th Century, giving extra efficiency but at the expense of less power. The thermodynamic principle on which these modified engines work is called the Atkinson Cycle. The concept was forgotten about until quite recently, when it was resurrected for use in hybrid petrol-electric cars..


    • The family had the fish shop in Elliott Street moving on to Ryde Road in Roseworth on leaving Portrack. My gran lived in Elliott Street but insisted I go to Coopers on the lane for her fish & chips. Regarding the Atkinson family I knew Harold, the eldest son, then Alan who was secretary at Portrack Cons at one time. Brian was the 3rd son, the fourth I hardly remember. The three known to me were all good sportsmen, football & swimming in particular. Harold known as big “G” played football for Stockton, I am he will be remembered by many local football fans. I know Harold passed away some years ago. Sadly Alan died before his elder brother, he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 51. Although I attended Richard Hind School from 1952 until 56 I do not remember John Atkinson. I would add the only girl in the family was, Mary, who I still see around Stockton quite often.


      • This Atkinson family also had the fish shop on Dumbarton Avenue, Ragworth. Brian also played for Stockton & with brother Alan played in a good Sparks team. The fourth brother was a well made lad who did not play football.


        • If John Atkinson was better known as Jackie he had a formidable reputation as a guy not to be messed with along with Jakie Blakemore from Thornaby.


          • Jackie Atkinson with the reputation lived in the Waverly Street area in Parkfield and went to St. Cuthbert’s with his younger brother Eddie. Jackie was a small guy, very outgoing and tough.


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