3 thoughts on “The Bungalow, Norton

  1. The two gentlemen posing for the camera, at each side of the bungalow, are my late uncles Jim and Wreford Carrol. They both had their own businesses, that lasted for many years into the 1960’s and 70’s. By the way Frank, my late father served his time at Blairs, as a marine engine fitter and turner, and later worked in the Synthetic. He always called ICI the synthetic, even up to his retirement. He met my mother when she was helping my grandfather Carrol (her Father), in the shop in Beaconsfield Road.


    • David, Norton was a small place and they were all acquainted all the Carrols were in our house at one time or another. Blairs apprentices were head hunted as they were known to be the best, working for Synthetic during the war they were not allowed to join the forces though they went to other places for months at a time, my Father in Law went to Clitherough.
      I should look more closely at the photo’s, the other Oriental Tea House is there and apparently the bottom of South Road so not far out with what I was told.
      Mother and Dad would have me in stitches as they did those dances from that time, the Black Bottom with its strange to me leg kicks and flicks across the kitchen floor no wonder I took a keen interest in Ballroom dancing. They had a few good years probably a good job they did not know what was coming.


  2. I often wondered if a photo of this Bungalow existed as it intrigued me as a lad, I knew Mr Carrol stored furnishings in it though it looked to me who read every sort of travel book going to be more Chinese. My Dad who had lived in the bottom house on the left going down Beaconsfield Street and then in Mill Lane Norton told me it was a tea house there being two of them, it would seem all the young lads a lasses from Norton would enjoy a treat in the Tea Rooms, the other one being to the best of my knowledge just past Norton Drill Hall towards the Avenue, some one could possibly confirm that.
    This would be the 1920’s they fell out of use during the depression when so many people were without work a time I dimly remember though my parents were always in work Dad with his Haulage and Mother with her dressmaking and alterations though at times they both had to chase after what they were owed.
    It would be a time of relaxation after a terrible war but also a time of heavy industries closing down, many of the Iron Works and Tile making industries went into liquidation including Blairs Engine works on Norton Road, my future Father in Law had finished serving his time there then got a job as a fitter in the new and expanding Synthetic as we all knew it. It certainly rings bells in today’s climate of closing the last of the Steel Making Plants and many people relying on the plant suddenly losing their income, I often wonder if anything changes.
    That Bungalow lasted many years being burnt down sometime after the war, Mr Carrol also had the shop at the bottom of Beaconsfield Street plus he did removals though many at that time would be more moonlight flits, one reason I got a Piano Banjo Guitar Accordion and a Steam Engine which actually did work on a length of track up the garden all payment for moving people who could not pay cash nor it seems the rent.
    Both Mother and Dad teenagers at that time told me they had some wonderful carefree times in the twenty’s, Dance Halls cinema’s and it would appear Tea Rooms, their next thirty years would not be so easy or relaxed., Depression, War, Austerity, Me, no wonder they wanted change when things finally did get a little better.


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