Forces Comfort Fund Certificate 1940

t11360This certificate was given to all children who donated 6d (sixpence) towards the forces comfort fund. This particular certificate was awarded to my twin brother Henry Harbron in 1940.

Image and details courtesy of Bob Harbron.

One thought on “Forces Comfort Fund Certificate 1940

  1. Empire day was a big day to us who went into classrooms with walls covered in maps of the world large parts coloured red, our Empire and we were all very proud to be part of that. The modern trend is to apologise well not me we thought it all very normal. Some of the first troops in the area when war started came from the islands in the Indian Ocean though we were used to seeing coloured sailors from the ships docked at Stockton Quay.
    Comforts for the forces was what was done during the war, the first winter 1939-40 was one of the coldest and a call went out for knitted hand warmers, a mit without fingers, my mother was knitting every spare minute jumpers gloves socks, the Toc H would collect them and send them on. Us kids collected everything from paper to scrap metal, if it was not bolted down it would end up in out barrows, we never got any certificates for any of it and the Spitfire fund got plenty of my pocket money, well there were no sweets to spend it on.
    Empire day was still being celebrated well after the war though parts of it were being released from their bonds as some saw it, in the Army we paraded through what ever Town we were near and when stationed at Catterick marched through Darlington flags flying bayonets fixed.
    The world has changed the modern way of interaction with the area’s we once had influence in seems to bring nothing but war and misery so who I ask is or was right.
    Stockton it must be said did its bit during the war, and as an Army Cadet we marched on all the flag days Empire Day being one of them.


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